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SGMP NATIONAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2009-2011 PRESIDENT’S LETTER A New Beginning for SGMP By Melody Kebe, CMP, CGMP National President President Melody Kebe, CMP, CGMP First Vice President Rob Coffman, CGMP I AM VERY Second Vice President Carolyn C. Barrett, CHSP, CHSC Secretary Kim Blanding, CGMP Treasurer Michael Trillo Director Claudette Ferris, CPS, CAP, CGMP Director Kelly P. Roche, CGMP Director Jim Zukowski pleased with how this new year has kicked off for us. During the month of July, we contracted with a new media solutions partner, Naylor, LLC, who will help strengthen our advertising and marketing to government planners and associates. We also chartered our 30th chapter, Kentucky Bluegrass, on July 14. Hold on to your hats—more new and exciting things are in store for the Society of Government Meeting Professionals (SGMP). On June 29, you received a personal letter from me regarding the start of a new year for SGMP. In that letter, I mentioned the importance of us remaining partners and staying connected during these difficult times. I also asked each of you to think of some new and creative ways to keep your chapters operationally and fiscally sound. And I hope you have given some thought to how you could contribute differently to the health of your chapter and ultimately your organization as a whole. The national team was asked to do the same. During the past several months, we took a hard look at how we do business. The national board, in conjunction with the executive director, identified the following areas to improve: • Telling our story and making our communications tools (e.g., Web sites, newsletters, national magazine) more effective. • Identifying the right level of monthly educational programming for our novice and experienced meeting planners and suppliers. • Creating additional revenue streams by offering a new certification course for our supplier members. • Making sure our chapter boards are trained properly as leaders of their chapters. • Looking to the future of SGMP’s stability in the meetings industry. ❝ All this will not be finished in the first 100 days. Nor will it be finished in the first 1,000 days, not in the life of this administration, nor even perhaps in our lifetime on this planet. But let us begin. ~John Fitzgerald Kennedy These new endeavors will require everyone’s assistance. Your personal involvement and commitment are the right steps in reaping your return on investment. Together, let’s do all that we can to keep SGMP among the most sought after associations to belong to nationwide. ❞ Immediate Past President Donna Carey, CGMP 6 GOVERNMENT CONNECTIONS | FALL 2009

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Government Connections - Fall 2009
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Dieting on a Per Diem
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Achieving Success as a Contract Meeting Planner
Is There a Government Meetings Blacklist?
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Government Connections - Fall 2009