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SGMP NATIONAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2009-2011 PRESIDENT’S LETTER Fostering Our Growth: Part II – Why Networking is Important to our Sustainability President Melody Kebe, CMP, CGMP Defense Information Systems Agency First Vice President Rob Coffman, CGMP U.S. Department of Treasury By Melody Kebe, CMP, CGMP National President IN MY LAST article I focused on “fostering a partnership” and why it is important for you to know what my vision is and how it connects with sustaining SGMP. These three steps: communicate effectively; take ownership; and work together are integral parts of networking. Specifically, internal networking with one another creates synergy and enthusiasm about SGMP. Dur ing the National L eadership Roundtable at the SGMP Business Lunch in Kansas City, sustainability of our organization was briefly discussed along with what we are doing internally to ensure we keep you as a valuable member of this organization. From that roundtable, I expanded on this by engaging Rob Coffman, CGMP, national first vice president, and Charles Sadler, CGMP, CHSP, CHSC, SGMP executive director and CEO, to serve as leaders of a strategic (plan) team and tactical (execution) team with a focus on the following four critical components to sustaining SGMP’s future. They are: • Performance Management - ensure our process for measuring progress toward achieving our goals and objectives work • Business Intelligence – are we providing the right tools, technology and processes for reporting and providing feedback to our members • Continual Service Improvement – are we on track with increasing value to our members as well as communicating timely, accurate and useful information • Critical Success Factors – what must we succeed in doing? When roles, and responsibilities (e.g., who, what, when, where and how). Both teams were able to focus on creating a future map for SGMP growth and expansion and analyze the steps and resources to be successful in reaching those goals. The key to a successful sustainability plan is remaining true to the core mission while being prepared to face the known and unknown obstacles. As we evolve and create SGMP’s sustainability plan, you will see the national board and headquarters commitment to SGMP’s members and business platform in areas like: Leadership Development Advocacy and Awareness Outreach New Education Initiatives Continued Membership Growth External Partnerships SGMP Green Initiative Standards Internal Processes As these projects are developed and rolled out, they will be outlined in future articles of Government Connections. SGMP’s executive director and CEO’s article (see pages 9, 10) mentions the opportunity that he and I had with George Heartwell, mayor of Grand Rapids, Michigan, discussing his sustainability plan for the city. The primary focus was on the steps required and how the plan must work for successful sustainability. My take-away from that meeting was making sure that the national leadership was leveraging our potential and resources in sustaining our future. Certainly, the open dialog we had with Mayor Heartwell was very beneficial and useful. I truly appreciated having Mayor Heartwell adjust his schedule on such short notice to meet with us. Networking and face time well spent! Second Vice President Carolyn C. Barrett, CHSP, CHSC The Whitney, A Wyndham Historic Hotel Secretary Kim Blanding, CGMP Oregon Judicial Department Treasurer Michael Trillo IHG-San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf Director Claudette Ferris, CPS, CAP, CGMP CO Dept of Public Health & Environment Director Kelly P. Roche, CGMP Irving TX CVB Director Jim Zukowski Consultant/Contract Planner Immediate Past President Donna Carey, CGMP CA Dept of General Services SGMP Executive Director & CEO Ex-Officio Member Charles Sadler, CGMP, CHSP, CHSC 6 GOVERNMENT CONNECTIONS | FALL 2010

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Government Connections - Fall 2010
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Government Connections - Fall 2010