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EDUCATION EDGE Mr. You? Mr. See E. You? Your Table is Ready By Mark Harvey, DS, CGMP SO MANY OF us have had that moment when we suddenly realize that it’s time to re-certify and we discover that we have years’ worth of information to compile in what can seem like overnight. As the panic sets in and the attempt to prove attendance to everything from a monthly meeting to an annual conference takes precedence over daily tasks, we can’t help but wonder; “There has to be a better way.” The good news is, there is a better way. Continuing education, while the hallmark of any certification program, is also one of the greatest benefits of membership in an organization like SGMP. The best way to get the most value from your CEUs is to make them a part of your regular life. Here are some suggestions for easily maintaining those credits – and putting them to their best use. 1. Attend regular monthly chapter meetings. SGMP chapters are required to offer CEU credit for eight of their monthly meetings in each fiscal year. Making a habit of attending monthly chapter meetings adjoins the benefit of accruing CEUs to the networking and camaraderie that you already enjoy with your fellow SGMP members at the local level. 2. Keep a file. It doesn’t even have to be a pretty file, just a place where you can stash that badge insert, CEU certificate or other documented proof of attendance to a meeting. By maintaining this file over the lifetime of your certification, you will find re-certification to be a breeze. All the information is right where you have been keeping it all along! Keep a copy of the re-certification application in there, too. You can use it as a checklist. 3. Come Early, Get Credit! The SGMP National Education Conference offers an array of pre-conference programming for CEU credit in addition to the credit you get for the conference overall. These specialized courses are offered before the start of the conference and carry nominal tuition fees to participate. Be sure to look for preconference programming on the agenda when registering. Above all, the greatest benefit of attending events that offer CEU credit is that your colleagues from SGMP will be there, too. By breaking bread with one another, our members are able to grow their networks, learn from one another and share in the experiences that make SGMP unique. See you at the next monthly meeting; a tabel is always set for you. G ...the greatest benefit of attending events that offer CEU credit is that your colleagues from SGMP will be there, too. TRUSTEES “ ” Gilmer Institute of Learning The Gilmer Institute of Learning strives to meet the demands of the Society of Government Meeting Professionals’ growing membership, ever-changing educational and leadership needs and funding for top programs. Lila Duncan, CMP Kristi Griffith, CGMP, CHSP Debra Kilpatrick, CGMP Phil Morgan, CMP Edward Scannell, CMP, CSP Brett Sterenson 15

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Government Connections - Winter 2010
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Government Connections - Winter 2010