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GOOD TO KNOW Planner Power Negotiating Tips By Charles Sadler, CGMP, CHSC, CHSP NEGOTIATING TECHNIQUES ARE important in getting what you want. As meeting planners we are involved in negotiating as part of our job task. Just asking for things free like coffee breaks, parking and a couple of rooms is NOT negotiating. Here is a look at proven power tips and techniques you can use to improve your negotiating skills. These are simple, to the point and fair techniques that will give you more confidence and earn you respect from the other side of the table. Don’t be afraid to ask. Negotiators often fail to raise an issue you avoid the possibility of rejecting your own offer and making further concessions in a revised offer. If you don’t wait, it encourages the other side to hold off its response in hopes of getting a better offer, and you lose the opportunity to learn from the other side’s response. 3 Get it in writing. As Samuel Goldwyn once said: “An oral 1 2 because they don’t think they have a chance of success. Don’t be afraid. Not only do good negotiators ask for everything they want, they also make sure they don’t end up with something they don’t want. Be explicit about what you do and don’t want. Never negotiate against yourself. Once you make an offer, wait for a response before making another offer. By waiting, agreement isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.” When parties fail to live up to an agreement, written proof of the negotiators’ intent is critical. First, it enables you to avoid “he said, she said” bickering, and it helps those in charge of resolving the dispute know what was intended. Written agreements also are helpful if the original negotiators change jobs or aren’t around anymore, and they are proof that you did your job correctly. (Did you ask yourself “Who the heck is Samuel Goldwyn”?) 25

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Government Connections - Winter 2010
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Government Connections - Winter 2010