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Contact Sport vs. Meeting Professionals By Anita Cummings, CGMP and Amy Peters DEPENDING ON YOUR frame of reference, the fi rst thing that comes to mind this time of year is fall ball – commonly known as football. This season is aesthetically and visually quite beautiful, with the changing of the foliage – and high energy because of renewed rivalries between NFL teams across the country. So, what do football and meeting professionals have in common? Both are contact sports. A contact sport, by definition, is a sport, such as football, hockey or boxing that involves physical contact between players as part of normal play. One difference between NFL and a meeting professional is how the engagement takes place. A meeting professional’s contact is a ‘meet’ with a handshake and ‘greet’ with cordial words; whereas the NFL player will ‘meet’ his opponent with a hard hit and ‘greet’ his opponent with a growl and a groan. Again, both professions are contact sports. Now, let’s discuss the game plan. A normal game plan for the meeting professional will begin with looking over your client list. Are you keeping in touch on a routine basis? Who is coming into the office to talk and or prepare for their upcoming event? Where are you meeting the client today – in the office, hotel site, conference center, their office complexes or via teleconference? The next consideration is attire. Are you dressed to impress? Professional attire from head to toe consists of a suit, purse and/ or a briefcase. Then there’s the engagement. Normal situations call for a ‘meet and greet.’ This is simply a solid handshake. Naturally, this plan is a little different for the NFL player. Yes, they, too, come prepared to play: mental acuity, proper professional attire and their own way of giving greetings. Why all this talk about contact sports? It’s about your personal health and the change of seasons. The change of seasons inevitably brings a change in ambient temperatures. We dress properly for the season, but fall and winter usher in health concerns. The dramatic, sometime erratic, change in temperatures can easily cause the onset of a cold or even the flu with coughing, sneezing, sinus drainage, watery eyes, etc. As meeting professionals, it is important to maintain our personal health before engaging in our contact sport, the handshake. Our personal health is also the concern of other professionals. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), “clean hands save lives.” Help prevent the spread of germs. Practice good hand hygiene by washing your hands regularly or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Sanitizers with at least 70 percent alcohol provide the highest amount of protection. G GilmerFounders Day In honor of the Society of Government Meeting Professionals and its 2010 celebration of GilmerFounders Day, SGMP hosted an open house on October 28 at 908 King Street in Alexandria, Virginia. We invited a group of SGMP VIPs who are in the greater Washington, DC, area to join us and reconnect with old friends and former colleagues. We were thrilled to have the following members join us at your national headquarters: Rob Coffman, CGMP National First Vice President (2006 – present) Bob Driscoll, Sam Gilmer Planner of the Year (1987), National President (1985 – 1987) Charles Sadler, CGMP, CHSP, CHSC National Second Vice President (2003 – 2005), Sam Gilmer Supplier of the Year (2002) Brett Sterenson, Sam Gilmer Supplier of the Year (2010), Gilmer Institute of Learning Trustee (2006 – present) Don Webb, National Capital Chapter Founding Member (1982) Rance Willis, National President (1991 – 1993), Sam Gilmer Planner of the Year (1989) 30 GOVERNMENT CONNECTIONS | WINTER 2010

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Government Connections - Winter 2010