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>>Young Learners What Expect and How Technology By Dr. Pat LeMay Burr Delivers W hen 100 global thought leaders from 20 countries on six continents met in January 2012 to mark the 10th anniversary of the NMC Horizon Project,* they identified 28 metatrends that will likely define the role of technology in teaching and learning during the next decade. (See for more details.) * For more information on the top 10 metatrends, watch and follow #NMChz on Twitter! The Top Metatrends and Young Learners Six of the top 10 metatrends young learners might embrace to integrate technology into the learning process might suggest that: 1. Young learners are increasingly connected, both globally and collaborative, covering continents, time zones, and cultures. 2. They will learn, socialize, and play whenever and wherever they wish. 3. They will also increasingly work in the cloud, using online videos and rich media. 4. Young learners expect open content and easy access to information. 5. They expect more informal teaching and learning to address their individual learning needs that exist outside the classroom. 6. And they naturally assume that teachers will re-imagine the learning process to deliver what they want. Expectations and Solutions The “After Metatrends ... What Next?” chart at left identifies a few tried and true solutions to address young learner’s expectations. One new solution — ShowMe — that responds to “re-imagining the learning process” is different, however, and it reaches across the first five metatrends in a dramatic way. ShowMe is an open, online learning community that allows teachers to create lessons, explanations, and tutorials at any Issue Two 2012 >> techedge 15

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