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MEMBER PROFILE WILLIAM (BILL) ALBRECHT President, Occidental Oil and Gas Corporation AT THE OUTSET, Bill Albrecht admits, the lure was more financial than philosophical. He was back home in Goliad, Texas, on Christmas leave. He was in the final months of a five-year military commitment following graduation from West Point, and, at age 27, not quite sure of his future. “I knew going to West Point that I’d get a great education, and that it was a great opportunity,” he said. “Upon graduation though, I was taking it one year at a time. “I remember coming home just before my commitment was up. I kept running into people that were in the oil and gas industry and they were making two or three times what I was making. “I’ve got to admit, in my late 20s, I wondered about that.” So rather than the arc that led his classmates David Petraeus, Keith Alexander and Martin Dempsey to become generals, Albrecht instead chose to pursue success as a civilian, a decision that ultimately led him to his current position – president of Occidental Oil and Gas Corporation U.S.A., a subsidiary of Occidental “I ALWAYS FOUND IT UNIQUE, IF YOU Petroleum LOOK AT IT AS AN ACRONYM, THAT IT Corporation. REPRESENTS BOTH INDEPENDENT Oxy is the PRODUCERS AND ROYALTY OWNERS. THE fourth-largest U.S. oil and gas ROYALTY OWNERS ARE VERY IMPORTANT company, based IN THAT EQUATION AND (TIPRO IS) THE on market PERFECT PROXY FOR THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN A BIG COMPANY LIKE OURS AND capitalization. It THE THOUSANDS OF ROYALTY OWNERS WE is the No. 1 oil producer in the MAKE PAYMENTS TO. TIPRO IS OBVIOUSLY Permian Basin, VERY FOCUSED ON STATE ISSUES, AND, a sprawling BECAUSE WE’RE THE LARGEST PRODUCER region in West IN TEXAS, THE ROLE THEY PLAY IS CRITICAL T e x a s a n d FOR US IN THE STATE.” Southeast New Mexico where it has more than 2.4 million acres and average production of 197,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day in 2010. It is the largest oil producer in Texas and operates more carbon dioxide (CO2) flood projects for enhanced oil recovery than all other Permian CO2 flood operators combined. The company also has U.S.-based operations in California, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, and North Dakota, as well as international locations in the Middle East Region, and Latin America. As for his West Point classmates – Petraeus was sworn in as director of the CIA, Alexander is director of the National Security Agency and Dempsey is currently chief of staff of the Army, and soon to be Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. “I’m proud of how my classmates have served our country and demonstrated the great leadership that was taught at West Point,” he said. “But I have no regrets with the career I’ve had. I learned that leadership is important in the civilian world, too.” Performing in a pressurized arena is part of the everyday job for Albrecht, as a high-level executive in an industry frequently misunderstood by mainstream media and political candidates. And while other energy sources are touted as a quick fix, he advises patience and perspective. “We have to take baby steps,” he said. “Increasingly using natural gas in fleet-based vehicles, where they can go to central refueling points, is a way we can move forward. The personal transportation infrastructure still needs to be built out. “It’s not practical to think that it can happen overnight or that by flicking a switch we can be totally reliant on renewable resources in a reasonable time frame. People need to realize that we need all sources of energy. We need coal. We need nuclear. We need renewables. “We need it all to be self-sufficient on any sort of meaningful level.” Educating citizens and lawmakers on the continued value and potential of oil and natural gas is among the roles of TIPRO, an organization for which Albrecht has both familiarity and respect. “I am proud to have served on the TIPRO Board,” he said. “I always found it unique, if you look at it as an acronym, that it represents both independent producers and royalty owners. The royalty owners are very important in that equation and (TIPRO is) the perfect proxy for the relationship between a big company like ours and the thousands of royalty owners we make payments to. “TIPRO is obviously very focused on state issues, and, because we’re the largest producer in Texas, the role they play is critical for us in the state. Texas is also a trendsetter for the nation, so policy that’s set here is studied in other places, too. Today, state or local issues can become federal ones, and vice versa. We rely on our trade associations on these issues that can have such an impact on our business. “We get a huge bang for the buck, great value for the dollar with TIPRO.” 32 U PS T REAM T EX AS F A L L | W I N T E R 2 0 1 1 -12 PST

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