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Montgomery County FIRE SERVICE RADIO ANALYSIS By Carter Johnson adio systems are critical to the effective management of fi re responses. Failures can result in severe consequences ranging from delayed response times to loss of life. It is this knowledge that led the Montgomery County Fire Chief’s Association to form a Communications Task Force in 2007 to research new radio systems. The Association’s radio system has experienced multiple failures over the last several years, and it will not meet the future growth of the County fire departments. In order to understand the committee’s recommendations, it is important to understand four basic areas: setup of the system currently used, problems and issues faced in using the current system, setup of the proposed new systems and how the new system can resolve the issues. R Infrastructure The foundation of any fire response radio system is its infrastructure. This includes all equipment necessary to dispatch calls to the responders, such as: tower sites, microwave dishes and repeaters. Once the foundation equipment is in place, the first step in a fire response is to alert personnel when an emergency call is received. The next step is the fire response. For the radio system, this includes providing information to responders while they are in route to the incident as well as providing dispatch with information regarding the status of fire response units. Finally, a radio system needs to operate properly in order for responders on scene to have information exchange while managing the scene to its completion. A basic understanding of each of 8 TEXAS FIRE CHIEF Fall/Winter 2012 http://www.texasfirechiefs.org

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