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Ahead BY JIM FORCE “BE PREPARED.” THAT One Step A VIRGINIA TREATMENT PLANT PREPARES IN ADVANCE FOR TIGHTER NUTRIENT STANDARDS AND USES OUTREACH TO WIN PUBLIC SUPPORT FOR A MAJOR PROCESS UPGRADE old Boy Scout motto might well be the watchword at the Tappahannock (Va.) Wastewater Treatment Plant. In anticipation of new biological nutrient removal standards in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, the plant and town management engaged their designer, lined up funding, hired and trained operators and educated ratepayers well in advance so as to be ready when the new regulations took effect on Jan. 1, 2011. “Some places waited, but we didn’t,” says town manager Gayle Belfield. “Our style is to be proactive rather than reactive. We wanted to be at the head of the line.” The new standards call for phosphorus reduction to 0.3 mg/l in the Tappahannock effluent, and total nitrogen of no more than 4.0 mg/l. These are significantly tighter than the standards the plant had to meet previously and are in response to a federal and regional effort to reduce pollution of Chesapeake Bay, one of the nation’s most sensitive water bodies (see sidebar). “Previously, we had a phosphorus standard of 2.0 mg/l, and TKN of 3.0 mg/l,” explains treatment plant supervisor Steve Short. “It’s been a challenge, especially with the cold weather last winter, but we’re getting used to balancing and refining the process to meet our waste load allocations.” MAJOR UPGRADE Before the upgrade, the Tappahannock plant operated as an extended aeration facility, meeting secondary treatment requirements. The new 0.8 mgd (design) plant, designed by Wiley|Wilson, town engineering consultant for more than 30 years, called for a four-stage Bardenpho biological nutrient removal system, installed in the existing oxidation ditches. 16 S T R E A M L I N E • W i n t e r 2 0 1 1

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