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Bird Contamination and Your Water Tank BY DON JOHNSTON If you can stand inside your tank and see daylight through the roof, you’ve got problems. a small community located in the “boot-heel” of Missouri suddenly experienced a large waterborne disease outbreak. In a community with a population of a little over 1,100 people, there was an estimated 650 cases of gastroenteritis. Of these, 15 individuals required hospitalization and seven residents of a local nursing home died. The resulting investigation by federal and state authorities determined, that among other problems with the water system, pigeon droppings had found access to the water in the community’s 100,000 gallon water tower and had contaminated the city’s drinking water. An inspection of the water tank showed that access had been allowed by an improper roof vent and an uncover hatch. Bird feathers were observed inside the tower indicating not only bird droppings in the water but also the possibility of dead birds and other contaminates. IN 1993, Occurrences such as this are all too common. Recent cases have happened in Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts and other states across the country. One Midwest tank inspection firm reports that 20 to 25 percent of the tanks they inspect have serious sanitary defects. Improperly designed roof hatch systems and vents that do not provide a watertight seal are the cause of most of these defects. Damage or holes that have been cut in the tank’s roof and not properly sealed or open and unlocked For more information about storage tank inspections or your other tank needs, please contact Hugh McGee, Pittsburg Tank & Tower Co., Inc., Box 913, Henderson, KY 42419; 270826-9000 ext 330 Website: 31

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