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FromThePresident BY MARK ESTES, VRWA PRESIDENT Mission and Milestones I CAN REMEMBER a single event that became a very “teachable” moment in my life. What I witnessed had such an impact that it would change my life’s perspective that continues to this day. The moment was simple, profound and memorable for many reasons, emerging at a time in my life when I least expected it. Whenever I get discouraged, complacent or just plain unappreciative, I can reflect on this unique example of why helping those who live and work around us is so very important. It was a field day event at our daughter’s school, and there were a group of children playing an amazingly simple game called “Stomp the Balloon.” It is a game that every child can play. An inflated balloon was tied to one end of a 24” string and the other end was looped around one leg of each child. For the non-ambulatory and special needs children, some adjustments were made to allow participation. All of the children, with their respective balloons, gathered into an area circled and bounded with a line of chalk. The object of the game was to “stomp” and successfully burst another child’s balloon without leaving the perimeter. The winner was the last child to have their balloon still intact, inflated and still attached. The game was very competitive, exciting and really fun to watch. Our youngest daughter (Beth) and her special needs class were included in a second round of the game. As the intellectually delayed and disabled players assembled, the players now became a comparative mixture of both mainstream and special needs children. The whistle blew and the game began. I was completely surprised when each one of the special needs players grabbed their own balloon and pulled it back towards their body for safe keeping. I thought, “Wow, such a creative, inventive and normal reaction.” What happened next was so unexpected, beneficent and so insightful that it still amazes me to this very day. Every single one of the “special” children held their own balloon to the floor so the other “mainstream” players could easily burst their balloon. Tears came to my eyes as I watched each of those disadvantaged children offer up their prized balloon for the enjoyment of the other players. The mission of Virginia Rural Water is simple. We pledge to help those who need assistance and without conditions. It is not a competition and, much like my story above, it takes tremendous commitment, extraordinary sacrifice and a very unique desire to put the needs of our members first. This is why the VRWA family is so inclusive in our mission and yet exclusively different from other professional water and wastewater associations. We are there on the ground and at your door in the snow, rain, heat and drought to assist you with any need that you may have, no matter the size or complexity of your utility system. Here at VRWA, we will eagerly hold our balloon for you to win. Your VRWA board and professional staff are determined to meet the training and technical 7 I am so thankful and blessed for the opportunity to lead such a fine organization through the past three years and I personally want to thank each of you for supporting our training initiatives and programs.

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