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FromTheExecutiveDirector BY MYRICA W. KEISER, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR How Did We Rate? IN A RECENT survey taken after attending a conference, we were asked to list in order of importance the following: educational classes, location, networking and exhibit hall. I thought about how our Virginia members would rate their own organization’s conference when completing a survey. Start with the educational classes: Training classes that relate to our professions are essential to keep up with the day by day operations. Water System and Wastewater System Operations Specialists need to keep up with the new rules and regulations and to learn new tools to keep up with water quality standards. Beginners need fundamental training to be professional Water System and Wastewater System Operations Specialists, to run and maintain a plant, and they must have the proper number of CPE’s during each two-year cycle. VRWA strives to provide its membership with training necessary for its members’ needs. We offer training in a classroom setting or arrange for one-on-one training. “Water University” is available for those who wish to expand their positions in the industry. We hold classes at EXPO and at our annual conference. Now let’s look at location: Do we want our annual conference in the center of the state? Do we want to go to the beach? Do we want to go to a resort area? Do we want to go to a historical area? These are all good questions and they all are important. My theory is: “If you build it, they will come.” Yes, that is correct, if we continue to build on our own conference and make it bigger and better, they will surely come. Same as with our outdoor show, VRWA EXPO. Do you agree? There is no doubt in my mind that “networking” has tremendous value. So many times I have sat with my counter partners for food or drink and left with a pile of napkins (No, not where I made a mess) with all sorts of notes. The value of exchanging information and ideas is absolutely priceless. Last but not least is the exhibit hall, where you will see the latest advances in the water and wastewater industry. Here you have access to technicians who display their products allows utilities to get advice on specific problems. Now that I have put it down on paper, I am not really sure you can rate these points. Each is as important as the others. Each has its own value, with each aspect connecting to the others, in order to complete the task at hand, which is to support the needs of the water and wastewater systems in rural Virginia, as well as the water and wastewater operations specialists. April 21-24, 2013, will mark our 25th Annual Conference! We hope you’ve saved the dates and can take part in making our history. You will be able to register on our website: In the fall issue of Streamline, I asked if you have a memory, a story to share, in regards to a conference or a visit from the past. Please submit your memories for our memory book. It’s not too late, so please send them to Now how about a little trivia question? Who remembers the year and place when, during the opening session/business meeting, it was raining and the roof was leaking on us? Hint … that same year David Browning (Barney Fife) was our keynote speaker. Find the answer in this issue, next to the conference ad. Note: What is with the highlighting of the words “Water System and Wastewater System Operations Specialists”? VRWA is working to promote the value of your professional areas in the water and wastewater fields. This is a new initiative, to promote the skills, the knowledge and the expertise in the operations’ positions along with guiding the professional area path for the next generation. The new key term is a way to open doors to assist you in showing your professional status. 9 VRWA strives to provide its membership with training necessary for its members’ needs. We offer training in a classroom setting or arrange for one-on-one training.

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