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VRWA MAILBAG y Departmen und Hill Ut ilit Town of Ro Field ™ Road 9 Lake 17 74 Va. 2014 2 Round Hill, rtmen t Ut ilit y Depa72 54 0- 33 8- 47 8- 35 25 Fax: 54 0- 33 Website: Ro t 9-N) reet (R t. 71 23 Main St PO Box 36 VA . 2014 2- 00 36 l.: Round Hill, Tel.: 54 0- 33 8-78 78 Te Town Of fice How are we doing? If the answer is great, then we’d love to hear from you! Whet Whether typing or writing a letter or sending an ema email, utility and municipality officials please take the t time to send us in your messages of gratitude and appreciation for the services and training we prov provide. Not only do they make us feel good, but they are use to help VRWA obtain funding to continue our used mi mission in the community. Thank you in advance. E Email: v M Mail to: V Virginia Rural Water Association 2138 Sycamore Avenue Buena Vista, VA 24416 12 Feb. 23, 20 ociation Water Ass nia Rural Virgi Avenue more 2138 Syca 6 g ta, VA 2441 Reynolds, for providin Buena Vis r of thanks Mr. Kenny n. both a lette er main leak detectio adeau and N to send you Mr. Frank wat en meaning c GIS mapping and Town , I have be si ck to our Gentlemen the knowledge of ba e came ba apping can be classes, w ng GIS m with ed your to our staff staff attend ank, you were sayi pensive. We chose ral of our Fr t on d inex After seve work on GIS costs. omical an d to implement a star d be econ an arte and went to d elaborate or can s of dollars in and have st an us thousand PS device ork expensive ware and G ture. This will save for the future. It is w e soft chived purchase th ping of infrastruc s. at can be ar ap ring month our GIS m a mapping system th r mapping in the sp ent was ill have pand ou ction equipm u were ex we w r leak dete yo e hope to staff and ou ve attended. Kenny ress and w r e prog eld with ou we could ha ction for th ny in the fi ng ty leak dete involved Having Ken any classroom traini ng with a real utili r all of us ni ai an e n fo a better th ne our Town staff tr ning training sessio iring leaks that wer bi in pa able to com dletown. It was a w n crew have been re id ow ve Town of M e Town of Middlet th ould not ha y Towns w from assistand I know ur visit. yo d staff, man tected on well traine staff has accumulated de A and it’s om working ur t for VRW obtained fr dge that yo If it were no expertise and knowle dge base cannot be A. the owle This kn access to il. from VRW y localities. all benefit coming Apr ing so man department and we ference this ility VRWA Con at the at one ut ng you all ard to seei assistance. I look forw work and for all your nks again Tha Round Hill or, Town of Sincerely, y Supervis rton, Utilit Alan Wolve Virginia Rural Water would like to thank everyone who sent EPA Support Letters to help us in our grant application process for EPA funding in January and February. We always appreciate our members’ support – and without you (and our EPA funding) couldn’t do everything we do without it! Thank you again! VRWA Board of Directors and Staff 41

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Streamline - Spring 2012

From the President
From the Executive Director
Where is Virginia’s Groundwater?
Basic Management Skills
Planning or Piecemeal?
CPEs and YOU
The Sludge Bag
Fracking Rapidly Becoming Unpopular
Amazing We All Learned English!
Springtime Safety – Outdoor Hazards
Spotlight on Western Virginia Water Authority’s Blue Ridge Brawler
Wastewater Math
VRWA’S 24th Annual Exposition Agenda
Throwing My Loop
eLearning Benefits
Membership Application
Do You Know What Your VRWA Benefi ts Are?
Rural Water Review
VRWA Mailbag
Welcoming New Members
Training Calendar
Board Of Directors
VRWA Committees
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Streamline - Spring 2012