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FromThePresident BY MARK ESTES, VRWA PRESIDENT Office Visit or Triage PROCRASTINATION AND FAILURE to act in a given situation often robs us of our passion and most noble intentions. Many of the decisions we make are well intended, yet poorly managed, and never follow the proper course or plan of action. Many emergency situations could be avoided by simple planning and foresight. Those of us who have children or aging parents have been through the emergency room at the local hospital to address an unexpected or unintentional medical situation. Though the wait is long and the bill is often higher than a planned visit, the trip usually beats the alternative. The emergency room is not on my list of favorite places to spend a Sunday afternoon. Actually it is one of the last places in the world that I want to visit. No one wakes up that morning and plans to make the journey to the emergency room for coffee, breakfast or a few hours of relaxation. The experience is often unpleasant for the patient and for family members and friends who spend endless hours gathered in the waiting room until the crisis has subsided. Now, let’s change our perspective and look at the emergency room from a different angle. It can very well be a place of comfort, where the healing process begins. The first lesson we learn is to become more observant and cautious, careful not to ignore problems simply because they are unpleasant. We must not let a minor ailment escalate into an infection or a disease that over time can destroy relationships within our respective organizations. The sting from a bottle of rubbing alcohol or sterilization fluid placed on an open cut is a much better alternative — amputation resulting from an infection that grew out of neglect. The emergency room experience is a very humbling experience and a teachable moment for each of us. Do not let fear or neglect cause a problem to worsen. One day while visiting a construction site where a contracted pipe replacement project for I & I rehabilitation was in progress, I came upon several construction workers performing varying tasks. I asked the first man in the trench box what he was doing. He answered, “I am bedding the pipe and checking to make sure the pipe is joined and sealed correctly.” I asked the second guy operating the heavy equipment, “What are you doing?” and the man answered, “We are replacing the old pipe along this main interceptor.” I approached the project manager who was looking over a plan sheet and asked him the same question, “What are you doing?” The man looked at me with a pleasant smile and said, “We are replacing all of the defective pipes within the city’s sewer system with a more resilient product in order to minimize infiltration and hopefully we can keep the sewer rates from going any higher.” If you want to influence others in a big way, you need to give them a vision, a much larger picture than they are used to seeing. Most importantly, we can all find solace in the lessons we learn from the process and hopefully our perspectives will change. During my last two years as the president of Virginia Rural Water, hopefully I have left you with a much larger perspective that will encourage you to participate and make a difference. VRWA is growing and getting stronger each year because we have not been afraid to take actions that hopefully keep us from an “emergency room” visit. Let’s all grow and develop on our own terms and in a schedule with which we can live. VRWA is your organization. Get involved, express your perspectives and make a difference. If you want to influence others in a big way, you need to give them a vision, a much larger picture than they are used to seeing. 7

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Streamline - Spring 2012