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FromTheExecutiveDirector BY MYRICA W. KEISER, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR What is in the Wings for VRWA and 2012? LET’S SEE – we have a new logo, one that has our initials, signs of water and our state bird. We are continuing to work with QS/1 and their billing software program, which gives our members a discount and an easier way to recognize their accountability. We just signed on with Swift Reach, which is similar to a 911 program that will help utilities notify customers when there may be a water main break, water being cut off, smoke testing being done and notices of our own VRWA training classes – just to name a few of what they offer. (Be sure and check out the website for more information). If you have not sent us a letter in recent months, we ask that you please do so as it is so important for the legislators to see that we do have support and that we are in need of it. The staff is working on conference 2012 – gathering training topics, encouraging vendors to sign up early, casino shopping and making final arrangements with the Hotel Roanoke. They are also securing the date for the 2012 VRWA Expo, which will once again be held at the Augusta ExpoLand in Fishersville. We have Jimmy Norman working on the 2012 training calendar, Kenny and Mark are attempting to stay ahead of the cold weather as they do their line locations and leak detections. And with the cold weather, Frank and Donna have started loading their calendars with dates for smoke blowing the many sewer systems that have started giving utilities some problems. Your executive director and the Board of Directors are getting themselves ready for the 2012 General Assembly. We do ask you if you know of any issues coming up for the small systems in regards to water and wastewater to contact Elmer Handy (Chair of the Legislative Committee) at and let him know what we need to be watching for. Along with our state legislative issues, VRWA will also be gearing themselves for National Rural Water Association (NRWA) Rally in February. This will be the time where we head to Washington, D.C. and visit our Senators and Congressmen to remind them of the importance of our organization and the need to continue our funding. As we head to D.C., we take along with us information regarding the association, our numbers of contacts, hours worked, systems that we saved funds for, but we also like to take letters from you showing your support and need of our services. If you have not sent us a letter in recent months, we ask that you please do so as it is so important for the legislators to see that we do have support and that we are in need of it. So just what is in the wings for VRWA this 2012 year? I guess we will just have to watch for the Streamline magazine, the Rural Water E-news, the VRWA website and our Facebook page to find out. What better avenues to keep in touch and share with each other? Remember, we are just a phone call away; if you need us, just pick up the phone and call us. As always, we thank you for your continued dedication and support. Without you, we would not be here. 8 STREAM 572439_Johnston.indd 1 LINE • Spring 2012 2/3/12 10:51:43 AM

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Streamline - Spring 2012