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FromTheExecutiveDirector BY MYRICA KEISER, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Effective Sept. 1, we will have no other choice than to start charging a fee for the training classes. again! The horror story of 2007 was when funding was cut; the Democrats decided to not fund any “earmarks” and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) decided not to fund the Rural Water Technical Assistance and Training Programs. Well that time is back again. For the past year your state association, along with the other state rural water offices, has been working with the powers to be in D.C. in order to get the message across to them that these programs are important. Most Congressmen have always agreed that the programs are important; yet it appears that with their own rules and regulations they ended up with their hands tied as to what they could support, who they could support and how many funding projects they could support. Unfortunately, Rural Water ended up stuck in the middle. As they say, we do good work and they support it, but we were not able to see that in writing. So what does that mean to you, the small systems operator who works for a municipality who also has had to cut its budget? It means that the majority of the “FREE” training that VRWA provided to you through the EPA HERE WE GO funding program will be no more. Effective Sept. 1, we will have no other choice than to start charging a fee for the training classes. These fees will help offset the salary and expenses for a VRWA employee in order to bring the classes to you. Times are tight and not only are we here at VRWA seeing those tight times, but your systems as well. The bottom line is to stick together, work together and continue sending those support letters to Congress to let them know just how valuable Virginia Rural Water Association really is. 482315_AMR.indd 1 w w w . v7/8/10a 10:52:51 PM r w . o r g 11

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Streamline - Summer 2011