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Virginia WARN: “Help in an Emergency” DURING THE OPENING BY KENNY REYNOLDS, VRWA WATER CIRCUIT RIDER I session at our annual conference in Roanoke this year, Scott Shirley, director of wastewater operations with the Western Virginia Water Authority, spoke on Virginia WARN. He has served on its committee as a co-chair. For those who were unable to attend our conference, I thought I would take this opportunity to share information about WARN. administrative conflicts and the activation during an emergency, which may expedite the arrival of aid. To become a member of the Virginia WARN, go to the website and click on “Become a VA WARN member” today. You will find the necessary actions that must be completed and who in your organization must complete them. As we learned at our annual conference, the Virginia WARN, as with all the WARN Programs, has been reviewed by numerous lawyers. Virginia WARN also was reviewed by the attorney general for Virginia. No member is obligated to send or receive resources if they decide not to for any reason. Those decisions are made by the utilities requesting assistance or the utilities offering assistance. The VRWA Emergency Management Committee is working on assistance for our utilities to be prepared for an emergency. Future training will be offered in the areas of emergency management. Please let us know at VRWA if you have any ideas on preparing for an emergency that would be beneficial to our water and wastewater utilities. References: VA WARN: Virginia Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network website; EPA: State Primacy Agencies: A Vital Component of WARN EPA: Water Sector Mutual Aid and Assistance: Utilities Helping Utilities Individual State WARN Programs are a Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network of “utilities helping utilities” to respond to and recover from natural or human-caused emergencies. Virginia was the 45th state to implement its Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network (WARN). Membership in Virginia WARN is open to all public and private water and wastewater systems operating within the Commonwealth of Virginia, and there is no cost to participate. You may ask, “I have a small utility, so how could we benefit others during an emergency?” The success of any state’s WARN relies on a strong base of utility members willing to assist one another during an emergency. For this reason, each additional member, no matter how small, enhances the probability of a successful response to an emergency. What are some of the benefits of being a member of the WARN system? First, WARN is consistent with the National Incident Management System (NIMS), and membership is encouraged by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), many state primacy agencies and numerous water and wastewater state associations. By being a member of your state WARN system, you have an enhanced access to specialized water and wastewater resources. Utilities that have signed the mutual-aid agreement have a preestablished relationship under which they are able to share resources during an emergency at the discretion of each participating utility. Some of the other benefits for WARN members include a list of emergency contacts and phone numbers, the reduction of Serving Virginia Water & Sewer Utilities from the following offices Fairfax 703 849 0100 Richmond 804 290 7957 Danville 434 797 4497 Kenneth M. Baybutt, P.E. Jerry Peaks, P.E., B.C.E.E. civil engineering planning landscape architecture surveying environmental geothermal water/wastewater construc on management 757.229.1776 433460_Dewberry.indd 1 517943_Bowman_Consulting.indd 1 6/10/09 2:10:38 PM w w w . v r w a3/10/11 .org 15 4:48:45 PM

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