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What a Ride! WELL, HERE IT is – almost certainly my last Streamline article. (I say “almost certainly” because BY ANDY CROCKER TRAINING SPECIALIST I’ve learned to never say, “Never.” Who but the Lord knows what the future may hold?) Traveling over the years, a person can see a lot. Some of it has been amusing – such as the Appomattox funeral home named “Bruce and Stiff.” Or the back-road convenience store with the sign out front that read: “God Answers Prayer,” along with the announcement, “Under new Management – Open at 6:00 AM.” Some of it is just beautiful, like the impressive Bath County waterfall along Route 39 after a heavy rain or the Powel Valley Overlook between Norton and Big Stone Gap along Route 23 or the sunset overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. Almost all of it, however, has been fun. From getting to take my family along with me to conferences and experience with them natural wonders such as Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon, to the absolute joy I’ve felt after helping an operator to get “over the hump” and pass his or her certification exam, I have been truly blessed. Over the years I have been thanked many times for the training or assistance I’ve given to others, but I can tell you without hesitation that it’s really me who’s been given the most. It’s been a great blessing to me to have spent time with and get to know all of you who have made my position with VRWA much more than just a job. You’ve taught me more than anything I ever taught any of you and I am truly grateful for both the knowledge and experiences you’ve taken the time to share with me. Even more special to me, however, are the friendships that have developed over the years; friendships that will not end simply because my tenure with VRWA has drawn to a close. There have been many invitations extended to me to come and visit or to come and fish. I plan on trying to accept some of those invitations (Buddy – I promise that you and I are going to do some trout fishing in Giles County). People have gone out of their way to make me feel at home and to make my visits to their locales special. Thank you Hal (may he rest in peace) and Harvey for making the Eastern Shore – and Chincoteague especially – a place that this mountain resident looks forward to visiting. Thank you to Mike and his wife, Denise, for making my visits to Charlottesville very enjoyable and for helping this Hokie to see that it might just be okay to be a Wahoo. And how could I possibly forget my friends in Goshen? Remembering all of the laughter I shared with Bobbie and William (may he also rest in peace) still brings a smile to my face. I’ve been allowed the privilege of participating in many VDH and Virginia Tech programs and in doing so have worked in cooperation with some of the finest people associated with our industry. Since starting as an operator trainee in Front Royal almost 24 years ago, my relationship with many of these people has progressed from one of me being almost intimidated by them, to me seeing them as valuable guides – to ultimately calling many of them my friends. Most special of all, though, has been my family at VRWA. Not only are they a collection of some of the most committed, talented and knowledgeable people in water and wastewater, they are also some of the finest people I’ve ever known. From the terrific (and patient!) office staff to my road-worn compatriots in the field, all of you (including you, VRWA alumni) have helped me to grow not only as a professional, but also as a person. May God bless you all as richly as He has blessed me. Over the years I have been thanked many times for the training or assistance I’ve given to others, but I can tell you without hesitation that it’s really me who’s been given the most. 33

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VELAP: Where Are We Now?
Why Did the Paramecium Cross the Road?
Anger in the Work Place: What It Really Costs You
Litigation and Water Wars
Hydrant Flow Testing–Data You Need
What A Ride!
Conference 2011 Highlights
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Streamline - Summer 2011