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New VRWA Benefit BEGINNING JUNE 1, VRWA will begin to track and maintain a record of all course titles and associated CPEs awarded to individuals taking VRWA-sponsored classes. To do this, we will require a change to the process currently used for VRWA class registration. Each attendee must complete the free, one-time online registration process by creating a unique username and password. Unfortunately, this will prevent organizations from sending “group” registrations providing the number of attendees without specific attendee information. We apologize for any minor inconvenience that this may cause, but feel that being able to track CPE contact hours for individuals attending VRWA classes far outweighs the relatively small amount of time necessary for attendees to set up their own, individual accounts. Each person’s username will consist of the first three letters of his or her last name followed by the last four digits of his or her social security number. Passwords must be a minimum of five (5) alpha-numeric characters long and will be known only by the user (and accessible to the site administrator for retrieval should the password be forgotten by the user). In addition to the creation of a username and password, the user must fill in all of the required information fields (name, organization, position, etc.) including current contact information —especially a current email address. The user’s email address is imperative because it will be used for sending all class registration confirmations, information regarding class changes (such as cancellations) and password retrievals. By providing an up-to-date email address the user can also — if he or she chooses to do so — receive regular electronic communications from VRWA, including the VRWA Newsletter and monthly reminders of upcoming training classes. Once the user account has been created, users will sign in to the VRWA website and simply “shop” for the classes they want to attend. Individual class registrations will automatically be completed by the computer using the user’s secure account information, eliminating the need for users to fill out a class registration form every time he or she signs-up for a class! With this system we can better serve you by keeping you informed, keeping track of your important CPE information and, when requested, send you a complete list of the VRWAsponsored training classes you have attended along with copies of the associated CPE certificates. VRWA MAILBAG How are we doing? If the answer is great, then we’d love to hear from you! Whether typing or writing a letter or sending an email, utility and municipality officials please take the time to send us in your messages of gratitude and appreciation for the services and training we provide. Not only do they make us feel good, but they are used to help VRWA obtain funding to continue our mission in the community. Thank you in advance. Email: Mail to: Virginia Rural Water Association 2138 Sycamore Avenue Buena Vista, VA 24416 45

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From the President
From the Executive Director
The Water Tastes Good in Western Virginia
Virginia WARN, Help in an Emergency
Uranium Mining
Proper Disposal of Pharmacy Products
VELAP: Where Are We Now?
Why Did the Paramecium Cross the Road?
Anger in the Work Place: What It Really Costs You
Litigation and Water Wars
Hydrant Flow Testing–Data You Need
What A Ride!
Conference 2011 Highlights
Throwing My Loop
eLearning Benefits
Membership Application
Do You Know What Your VRWA Benefits Are?
New VRWA Benefit
VRWA Mailbag
Welcoming New Members
Training Calendar
Board Of Directors
VRWA Committees
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Streamline - Summer 2011