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NewMembers VIRGINIA RURAL WATER Association (VRWA) Would Like To Welcome Our New Members VRWA Voting Members by Region Corporate Voting HP Hood LLC Inland Harbour Property Association Town of Middleburg Associate Class VI Op Miller Coors, LLC City of Waynesboro Fairfax Water (Fairfax County Water Authority) George Nicklas – Wintergreen Valley Utility Co. SENSUS KNOWS the difference OMNI commercial and iPERLTM residential water conservation systems from Sensus outperform all other water meters by accurately measuring flow at every level _ from a trickle to a gush. What's more, when paired with the Sensus FlexNetTM communications system, you'll capture more of the right information to control resources and costs like never before. TM Increase profitability with Sensus smart water solutions: 46 531030_Sensus.inddI N E • S u m m e r 2 0 1 1 STREAML 1 5/25/11 12:33:17 PM

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Streamline - Summer 2011

From the President
From the Executive Director
The Water Tastes Good in Western Virginia
Virginia WARN, Help in an Emergency
Uranium Mining
Proper Disposal of Pharmacy Products
VELAP: Where Are We Now?
Why Did the Paramecium Cross the Road?
Anger in the Work Place: What It Really Costs You
Litigation and Water Wars
Hydrant Flow Testing–Data You Need
What A Ride!
Conference 2011 Highlights
Throwing My Loop
eLearning Benefits
Membership Application
Do You Know What Your VRWA Benefits Are?
New VRWA Benefit
VRWA Mailbag
Welcoming New Members
Training Calendar
Board Of Directors
VRWA Committees
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Streamline - Summer 2011