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A Quiz for Board Members SUBMITTED BY BOB GAY, CIRCUIT RIDER III Who Oversee Public Funds CHOOSE ONE ANSWER to each question. Why do you serve on a board? A. To satisfy my ego by appearing to be important and progress politically by keeping my party in control. B. The pay is good for two hours a month. C. I know all of the employees and their jobs and can tell them the best way to get the job done. D. To keep the rates low so that everything will stay the same and I can be reappointed or reelected. E. I have a strong desire to help and am able to help develop vision, participate in short and long term planning, and through team effort hire a professional overseer that will meet goals and deadlines with a minimum amount of board directives. How should I measure the success of my board service? What is my relationship with the employees of the organization? A. By how many direct benefits that only my region receives from the organization while maintaining the lowest rates around. B. By how much total benefit that I receive for my service and by being satisfied that I can answer all questions that are presented to me. C. By how much business that I can direct to my friends that benefit financially from the organization. D. By how much I can accomplish by casually meeting other members, discussing and making decisions that will decrease the overall formal meeting time. E. By how much I contribute, as a team member, to the total fulfillment of the organizations overall mission. A. I should meet with them frequently (occasionally drop by at lunch) and ask how things are going. B. I should try to be a friend of all of the employees, listen to their ideas and complaints and discuss them with their management immediately. C. I should take time to ride by job sites and office areas to ask questions to see how the work is being done and how the equipment is being utilized. D. I should assure the employees that I will do everything possible to enhance their benefit package, pay, and see that they will have the best up-to-date tools. E. I should be friendly and show concern for their needs, but firmly recommend that they refer all business questions, concerns and ideas to their chain of command. What is my relationship with the management of the organization? any discrepancies that I may have discovered. D. I should assure all levels of management that I will do everything possible to enhance their benefit package, pay, and see that they will have the best up to date tools to do their work. E. I should always remember that the overall manager or director is the main employee of the board and he or she should initiate changes in pay, other benefits, procedures and purchases. Any directives should come from the total board instead of individual board members. How important is meeting attendance and punctuality? A. I should at any time approach any level of management and using my knowledge and experience give them direction so that they can better do their job. B. I should always give a report at the very next board meeting on the procedural items on which I have initiated corrective measures. C. I should not hesitate to have the overall Manager or Director meet with me in order to immediately correct A. If I miss a meeting, I can read the minutes, or talk to someone who was in attendance to catch up. B. If I am late for the meeting, it will only take a few minutes for my fellow board members to help me catch up and in some cases it can be done by one member while the meeting progresses. C. If a vote is taken on a subject that is highly controversial, I may in my absence be relieved of any negative consequences. D. Due to my absence, board subjects that I either missed or wanted to discuss with all the board can be discussed with some of the board later and/or I Continuted on page 27 25

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The Town of Lebanon-One Small Step for Man
Drakes Branch Distribution System Upgrade
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