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BY DONNA J. LAWSON, WASTEWATER TECHNICIAN II The Town of Lebanon – One Small Step for Man… of this writing, spring has returned, breathing life into all living things. It is and always will be a time of renewal, birth and growth. Whether it’s the joy of watching baby birds go from downy fluff to feathers or the natural progression of buds to beautiful flowers, nature reminds us of the power of life and our small place in it. While preparing my riding mower for its first exercise, I found a nest of field mice under the motor housing. After cleaning out the nest and removing several dead mice (one in my air filter!), it occurred to me that man is almost always at odds with nature. Though I did not invite the mice to live under the hood of my mower, I was not happy they were there and they were not inclined to leave willingly. As stewards of our planet, we have a great responsibility to care for it as best we can, realizing that the footprint we leave behind may linger long after we have passed by. AT THE TIME Future plans include certification to perform bacteria samples on the town’s water supply instead of sending samples to Richmond (DCLS) for analysis. Many changes have occurred as a result of the passing of the VELAP regulations and yes, some of them have been positive. One small town in Russell County, Va., has responded to the challenge by building a new water and wastewater laboratory which better suits their needs and provides for more office space and easier lab testing operations. The motto for the town of Lebanon is “Progressing for the Future.” They certainly live up to it every day. The local newspaper, The Lebanon News, published a 2011 Progress Update Report (March 14) that highlighted improvement and growth in local businesses, including medical centers, job fairs, tourism and educational advances. The infrastructure of the town was also championed with an article on the new laboratory building at the wastewater treatment plant and completion of a 15-year plan for water storage for existing and future growth plan with a new two-MG storage tank, pump station and distribution lines. The town’s wastewater treatment plant was originally built in 1960 (Mattern & Mattern) with an upgrade in 1981 (which provided the plant office and lab facility until present). The 35

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