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Drakes Branch Distribution BY MARK A. NORRIS, WATER CIRCUIT RIDER System Upgrade IN 2009, THE Currently, drinking water systems are facing an annual shortfall of $11 billion in funding to replace aging facilities. American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) rated America’s water and wastewater infrastructure with a D- on its report card. That is a depressing grade – considering that systems are facing a staggering investment need over the next 20 years. Currently, drinking water systems are facing an annual shortfall of $11 billion in funding to replace aging facilities. There are 53,000 community water systems providing drinking water. Approximately 83 percent serve 3,300 or fewer people. Now, these systems provide water to 9 percent of the total U.S. population. Smaller systems are constantly facing financial, technological and managerial challenges to meet growing federal drinking water regulations. With these staggering facts, the Virginia Rural Water Association utilizes federal funding to assist small, rural towns throughout Virginia whenever possible. With these statistics in mind, a call to assist with line location in the Town of Drakes Branch was made due to upcoming construction in the town. After arriving for a scheduled visit and seeing the scope of the project, I asked if the town would be interested in sharing the project in a Streamline article. With the issues about aging infrastructure, I thought it would make an interesting read. Danny Hylton of D.R.Hylton and Associates, LLC, was providing inspection services for the project. Hylton provided an overview of the project and what would be accomplished. Also, Hylton informed me that Dewberry & Davis out of Danville was the engineering firm and that Matt Hastings was the project manager. After speaking with Hastings, the need for the project focused on a couple of critical points. One, the town was experiencing low pressure problems in various parts of town. Approximately 35 homes had water pressure at 20 psi or less. Two, there has been hope of a new prison being built in the near future. This would require an increase in overall storage capacity. Based on the preliminary design of a new storage tank and a need for new distribution lines throughout a large portion of town, the construction package was split into two contracts: 1. A 300,000 gallon elevated tank was awarded to Phoenix Fabricators and Erectors from Avon, IN 2. 15,000 linear feet of 12” and 8” waterline was awarded to Virginia-Carolina Paving out of South Boston, VA Funds remaining after the initial bids were submitted will allow new waterlines to be installed on additional streets. The project was funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture – Rural Development. 37

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