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Important Dates in WMCA History 1940 The Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association was founded on May 21st in Milwaukee. 1942 Glenn W. Stephens was employed as the Association’s first General Counsel. 1945 The Association office was moved from Milwaukee to Madison in August. 1947 The Wisconsin Safety Council was founded and John Walsh was retained as the Association’s first lobbyist. 1948 The Association’s first Truck Rodeo was held. 1949 The Association had 329 members and consisted of eight divisions: Rate & Tariff, Public Relations, Contract Carrier, Private Carrier, Milk Haulers, Household Goods, Local Cartage and the Petroleum Division. 1950 On May 1st, John P. Varda was appointed as General Manager of the Association, serving in that capacity until 1975. 1951 The WMC News, the Association’s first news publication, went to press. 1952 The Wisconsin Labor Advisory Council of the WMCA was founded with offices in Milwaukee. 1953 Legislation was approved allowing combination vehicles up to 50 feet in length. 1961 Legislation was approved requiring the Motor Vehicle Department to collect a $5.00 fee (called the “Varda Fee”) on every power unit registered in the state, with the funds to be used for rate and tariff purposes. 1962 The new Association Headquarters was built by the WMCA at 125 W. Doty Street. The building was subsequently sold in 1975 and then demolished in 1992 when the new Dane County Jail was constructed. 1963 During the Legislative session, a bill allowing “Double Bottoms” on Wisconsin highways was vetoed by the Governor. Twin trailer legislation would continue to be an emotional issue in Wisconsin until the “Raymond Motor Transportation” case forced Wisconsin to permit the twin trailers in 1978. 1970 A major Teamsters strike occurred in Chicago. 1975 The Association’s Political Action Arm, Wisconsin Truck Operators Non-Partisan (W-TON), was formed in January. 1977 Al Schneider of Schneider Transportation was named the first recipient of the Babbitt Award for “outstanding service.” W-TON, with “chef” Lud Menzl at the grill, held its first tailgate party at Milwaukee County Stadium. 1978 The use of twin trailers in Wisconsin became legal when the U.S. Supreme Court issued its landmark decision on February 21st. On January 1st, the new 80,000-pound weight limit for trucks in Wisconsin became effective. 1979 Thomas Howells was named President of the WMCA and continues to serve in that capacity today. 1980 Federal deregulation was approved by Congress. In Wisconsin, 48-foot trailers became legal. The WMCA sponsored its first Wisconsin Truck Expo. 1982 Intra-state deregulation was signed into law by Governor Lee Sherman Dreyfus. The membership of the WMCA on July 1, 1984, was 550 members. 1986 Legislation was approved that authorized the use of permanent trailer plates and 53-foot trailers. 1988 The Wisconsin Road Team was created, the first state team in the nation. 1990 The WMCA celebrated its 50th Anniversary at Opryland Hotel in Nashville. In September, total Association membership was 947. 1991 WMCA membership reaches 1,019 — the first time that it exceeds 1,000. 1992 Association headquarters are moved to 562 Grand Canyon Drive. 1995 The “Careers in Wisconsin Trucking” Trailer was developed to promote jobs in the trucking industry. 1997 The President’s Club is created to honor safety-conscious truck drivers. 1998 The Wisconsin Milk Haulers Association becomes a division of the Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association. 1999 In June, WMCA membership reaches 1,063, the most in its history. 2000 The WMCA celebrates 60 years of service to the trucking industry and wages an aggressive attack on the proposed changes to the federal Hours of Service rules. 2001 The Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association establishes an Independent Contractors division. 2002 The Highway Watch program is implemented in Wisconsin by the WMCA. 2003 The WMCA wins the “Excellence in Safety Award.” The award is presented by the American Trucking Associations to the state association judged to have the best truck safety programs in the country. 2005 The WMCA celebrates its 65th anniversary with a total membership of 1,270. The WI Truck Expo is held in Milwaukee for the first time in 10 years. 2006 Legislation supported by the association is approved to expand access in the state for 53-foot trailers and combinations over 65 feet in length. A $1.0 million grant program supported by the WMCA is implemented to assist the trucking industry in purchasing diesel idlereduction equipment. 2007 J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc., partners with the 2008 Wisconsin Road Team in memory of John J. “Jack” Keller, Founder and Chairman Emeritus of J.J. Keller & Associates, for promoting highway safety and improving the image of the Wisconsin trucking industry. 2008 The Wisconsin Road Team celebrates it’s 20th anniversary. Their presentations this year were observed by over 15,000 driver’s education students. 2009 The WMCA had a successful legislative session when it joined with other organizations to defeat proposals to implement an oil assessment fee and to modify the state’s joint and several liability laws. 2011 The WMCA helped to pass a major tort reform imitative and anti-shipper indemnification legislation. It also supported a constitutional amendment given initial approval that would prohibit diversions from the Transportation Fund for non-transportation purposes. Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association 2012 16 http://www.witruck.org

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