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Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association “PROMOTING SAFE AND RELIABLE TRUCK TRANSPORTATION” WISCONSIN TRUCK SAFETY Highway safety continues to be a top priority of the Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association. The tragedy of traffic fatalities and injuries hits home for everyone in trucking as the highways are our workplace. As an industry, we want to get the unsafe trucks off the road. Not only because of the safety issue, but because it is difficult to compete with companies that do not obey safety rules, abide by weight laws, or maintain their equipment. The American Trucking Associations (ATA) has recognized the Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association and its Wisconsin Council of Safety Supervisors with their Excellence in Safety Award. This award is presented to state trucking associations judged to have a “superior program of Safety Activity” for its members. Our commitment to highway safety is illustrated by the industry sponsored Wisconsin Road Team visits with over 15,000 driver education students in over 175 schools throughout the state each year, discussing how to safely share the road with a truck and emphasizing general highway safety tips. The trucking industry in Wisconsin will continue to work at reducing crashes, but at the same time, it is proud of an excellent safety record. Consider, for instance: • The number of truck-involved fatalities declined 20 percent in 2009 dropping from 4,245 in 2008 to 3,380 in 2009. • This reduction puts fatalities at the lowest level in recorded DOT history and also shows a 33% decrease in fatalities since the improved hours-of-service regulations first became effective in January, 2004. • In addition to a 20% reduction in crash fatalities involving large trucks, the number of truck occupant deaths decreased 26% in 2009 from 682 in 2008 to 503 in 2009. The number of truck occupants injured in truck-related crashes also declined 26%. • The WI DOT reports that while large trucks are involved in about 12% of fatal crashes on WI roadways, the driver of the truck is at fault less than one-third of the time. Let’s all continue to work together in search of ways to reduce the tragedy that takes place on highways for all motor vehicle operators. GOVERNMENT INFORMATION & CONTACTS Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association 2012 59 http://www.witruck.org

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