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Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association WHAT IS WMCA? The Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association is a non-profit trade association, concerned with the operation of commercial motor vehicles within the State of Wisconsin. WMCA strives to represent all commercial motor vehicle interests within the state. To help meet the needs and solve the problems of specific operations, the WMCA works closely with private and for-hire trucking operations and allied industries. In addition to the general association, WMCA includes the Wisconsin Milk Haulers Association, Wisconsin Motor Coach Association, Wisconsin Movers Association, Wisconsin Towing Association and the Wisconsin Warehouse Association. WMCA is the Wisconsin affiliate of the American Trucking Associations, which provides a broad range of professional resources. Through this affiliation, WMCA is able to provide its members with information on national issues and have the ability to give Wisconsin’s input on a national level. It also facilitates a close working relationship with other state associations. WMCA is a major source of information on trucking matters. As a service organization, the WMCA is available to answer questions on, or to assist with, problems in taxation, registration, size and weight, designated highways, permits, drug testing, hazardous materials, truck washing, underground storage tanks, commercial driver’s license or other issues. Membership Dues for the WMCA are graduated, based on the number of power units operated, with minimum dues of $335 per year. Allied or associate members dues are $495 per year. WMCA ORGANIZATION MEMBER SERVICES STATE REPRESENTATION Legislation on the state and federal level affects every aspect of a trucking operation. Thus, lobbying is one of the WMCA’s most important functions. The Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association keeps close contact with legislators and state administrative agencies. The WMCA attempts to represent the Wisconsin trucking point of view on state legislation and administrative rules. There are two advantages to trucking companies having this type of government representation. First, you receive information about what the Legislature is considering, when public hearings will be held, and what laws are changed. Second, by having two registered lobbyists in Madison, members of the Association are represented on a variety of issues. This is particularly important as without this input, legislators might be unfamiliar with the specific impact proposed legislation would have on the trucking industry. Each year the WMCA co-hosts “Business Day in Madison” with other business organizations where members are briefed on current issues, learn about the legislative process, and get an opportunity to meet their legislators in the Capitol. The association also sponsors its own legislative day for its members. FEDERAL REPRESENTATION In conjunction with the American Trucking Associations (ATA), the WMCA represents Wisconsin trucking interests on the national level. Each year, members of the WMCA travel to Washington D.C. to meet with the Wisconsin’s Congressional Delegation. The trip is designed to provide an informal setting at which trucking and general business issues are discussed with our Representatives in Washington. WISCONSIN’S ROAD TEAM The WMCA established the nation’s first state Road Team, comprised of professional truck drivers with outstanding safety records. These drivers make public appearances on behalf of the industry to provide a trucker’s view of highway safety and discuss the importance of the trucking industry to the state’s economy. The WMCA has a portable booth that is utilized at numerous public forums to provide information about career opportunities in the trucking industry. Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association 2012 7 http://www.witruck.org

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