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Brother Unveils Home Machine Most PoPular ImpressIons Web articles Most saveD 1. Which Exit Strategy Is Best For You? 2. Off the Cuff: Networking Your Way to Success: Part 3 of 3 3. Proper Framing Avoids Headwear Headaches 4. Advice for Picking a Multihead Embroidery Machine 5. Intangibles of Choosing a Singlehead Embroidery Machine: Part 2 Most PrinteD 1. Off the Cuff: Networking Your Way to Success: Part 3 of 3 2. Which Exit Strategy Is Best For You? 3. Intangibles of Choosing a Singlehead Embroidery Machine: Part 2 4. Improve Profits with an In-House Shop Tune-Up 5. 5 Things All Embroidery Shops Should Have Brother Intl. Corp., Bridgewater, N.J., has introduced the new Entrepreneur Pro PR-1000, a 10-needle home embroidery machine that was designed for enthusiasts, hobbyists, crafters and home entrepreneurs. The company has combined popular features of two high-end machines — the single-needle Quattro 6000D and the 6-needle Entrepreneur PR-650 — with enhanced technology to develop this new machine. It produces multicolor, precise embroidery designs more quickly since it can stitch up to 10 colors. Thus, the user doesn’t have to stop as often to change thread colors. For example, a 50,000-stitch design on the PR-1000 can be completed more than 10 minutes faster than on a typical Visit the company’s Web site to view a video showing some of the exciting features of the new Brother Entrepreneur Pro PR-1000 in 3-D format using red/blue anaglyph glasses. A 2-D video also is available. 6-needle machine, according to the company. Another first on this model is the built-in InnovEye Technology — it’s like having a built-in camera above the needle with an Up-Close Viewer for accuracy. Additional features include several full-spectrum LED lights built in above the work area; intelligent color selection and threading using the InnovaChrome LED Color Thread System; an embroidery software upgrade called PE-DESIGN NEXT that can link up to four Brother Entrepreneur Pro PR-1000 or upgraded Entrepreneur PR-650 machines to one computer via USB cable; five built-in tutorials; more than 100 built-in embroidery designs and 28 built-in lettering fonts; and more. The Entrepreneur Pro PR1000 was launched Aug. 16 and can be viewed in 3-D using any red/blue anaglyph glasses when watching the video at — M.D. Ryonet Announces Winning Blogger When it comes to supporting and growing the future of the screen printing industry, the executives at Ryonet Corp., Vancouver, Wash., think as creatively as their customers. What began as an idea to host a video blogging contest called “Pick Me” on YouTube — and, in turn, on the company’s own blog (ryonetblog. com) — evolved into a viral success with more than 40 entrepreneurs entering three-minute video presentations about taking their companies to the next level. “Our video director, Nick Hagen, came up with a truly unique idea for the ‘Pick Me’ contest that would involve both our company and our screen printing community,” says Ryan Moor, president. “In just under a month of announcing the contest, our 40 entries were viewed more than 15,000 times on YouTube and generated more than 5,000 visits to our company’s blog.” Moor and his staff chose 10 finalists based on the presentation and quality of their videos, their passion for screen printing and their blogging community involvement. The screen printing community decided the winner: Kyle Waltz and family. The garage start-up firm won a package of equipment and supplies from Ryonet and various sponsors. Waltz will blog for the next year about his experiences of using the shop upgrades to transition his company from a hobby to the next level. “As a company, we were so moved to see and hear the passion the bloggers had for screen printing,” Moor says. “We want to do what we can to enhance their capabilities and are continuing to sponsor more frequent blogging contests on our site.” For more information, visit — M.D. Most e-MaileD 1. How to Create Catchier Sales Sheets 2. Which Exit Strategy Is Best For You? 3. Three Things to Remember When Selecting Embroidery Software 4. Improve Profits with an In-House Shop Tune-Up 5. Brother Unveils Innovative Home Machine to read any of these articles, visit Find the search box at the top of the page and input the article title (in full or in part) — in quotation marks — and hit enter on your keyboard or click the blue circle next to the search box. 10 Impressions >> September/October 2010

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Impressions - September/October 2010