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HANDS ON >> SCREEN PRINTING >> HANDS ON TECH TIPS HANDS ON >> HANDS ON Technique Production SCREEN PRINTING HANDS ON TECH TIPS HANDS ON Water-Based Ink and the Environment Understand how to handle and dispose of these inks to lessen the environmental impact. t he movement toward more widespread acceptability of using environmentally friendlier screen printing inks and supplies continues to be an important change in the way this industry does business. As more textile screen printers become educated in what’s available in the marketplace to help their shops become more sustainable, it’s important to know what you’re buying and how these goods really do affect the surrounding environment. Water-based inks are no exception. First, a bit of background information. In 2007, The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued its fourth assessment report. The panel was established by the United Nations in 1988 to study the impacts of human-induced cli- mate change and to advise on what could be done to counteract them. In this report, the panel concluded that the negative impacts of climate change on water resources was found in all regions of the world. In arid areas, such as the Southwestern U.S., where ground and surface water already is limited, run-off is projected to decline. This is an area that is very densely Also known as the Hydrologic Cycle, the water cycle describes the movement of water over the earth, under the ground and in the atmosphere as it cycles continuously between solid, liquid and vapor states. 46 Impressions >> September/October 2010

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Impressions - September/October 2010
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Impressions - September/October 2010