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FIRST IMPRESSIONS Clearing the Cobwebs DECORATED APPAREL GROUP EDITORIAL OFFICE 1145 Sanctuary Parkway, Suite 355 Alpharetta, GA 30009 (770) 569-1540, (800) 241-9034; Fax: (770) 569-5105 a s an apparel decorator, creativity is at the heart of your business, whether it be screen printing, embroidery, digital decorating or any other embellishing technique. You most likely got into this industry because you not only have an entrepreneurial spirit, but also a flair for out-of-thebox thinking and an ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Your company’s success relies on you being on top of your game at all times, even for simple logo jobs. To stay one step ahead of your competitors, you must approach your customers with ideas that will make their messages stand out. But what happens on those days when you just can’t seem to come up with something spectacular to present to a potential client? Thankfully, that’s where this industry’s ever-evolving innovation comes to the rescue. So many decorating processes are available today to give you the ability to take even the most basic designs to the next level. Take a page out of this year’s Top-Volume Decorators’ book and look to this innovation to get your own creative juices flowing again. Whether you incorporate any of the new “bling” technologies, special-effects inks, interesting logo placements, or added embellishments — such as foil or glitter — to a design, there’s something out there to help you continue offering the extraordinary. Here’s just one example: Check out the simple dip and spray techniques that contributing writer Greg Gaardbo offers in the “For Screen Printers Only” column (p. 56). It’s easy (albeit a bit messy) and fun — and a great way to offer something different than the decorator down the street provides. There are myriad options available if you’ll make the time to find out about them. It’s an investment in time that won’t go wasted, which is unlike watching the hours tick away when you have a creative block and are staring at a blank computer screen. Check in often at for updates about new decorating techniques and technologies; we run several online exclusive stories each month, in addition to the great information found in the print pages. Also, make plans to visit an Imprinted Sportswear Show (ISS) in your region soon. We have two opportunities left this year in Atlanta and Fort Worth, Texas — seeing the industry in action is the best way to get those cobwebs cleared and be on the path to differentiating your shop from the others. Each ISS show offers a comprehensive educational program, with workshops and seminars dedicated to the very topics we report on here and online. By staying on top of the market’s trends through Impressions and ISS, all you’ve got to lose is the same old, same old. And that’s good business. ADVERTISING ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER LAURIE GONZ • (813) 366-2877 LAURIE.GONZ@NIELSEN.COM ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE JEANINE MORGAN • (813) 366-2876 JEANINE.MORGAN@NIELSEN.COM SENIOR ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE — CLASSIFIEDS DIANE KENNEDY • (770) 291-5519 DIANE.KENNEDY@NIELSEN.COM IMPRINTED SPORTSWEAR SHOWS 1145 Sanctuary Parkway, Suite 355 Alpharetta, GA 30009 (770) 569-1540, (800) 241-9034; Fax: (770) 569-5105 SALES GROUP SHOW DIRECTOR NIKKI HOUSTON • (770) 291-5416 NIKKI.HOUSTON@NIELSEN.COM ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE ERIN CIANCIOLO • (770) 291-5486 ERIN.CIANCIOLO@NIELSEN.COM ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE JEANINE GOFORTH • (770) 291-5414 JEANINE.GOFORTH@NIELSEN.COM OPERATIONS OPERATIONS MANAGER EKITA SHAW • (770) 291-5506 EKITA.SHAW@NIELSEN.COM CONFERENCE CONFERENCE MANAGER LAURA CASKEY • (770) 291-5590 LAURA.CASKEY@NIELSEN.COM MARKETING AUDIENCE MARKETING MANAGER ELAINE BARNES • (770) 291-5423 ELAINE.BARNES@NIELSEN.COM EDITOR IN CHIEF To comment on this editorial or to express your views on other matters, address your e-mail to 6 Impressions >> September/October 2010

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Impressions - September/October 2010
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Impressions - September/October 2010