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HANDS ON >> SCREEN PRINTING >> HANDS ON For Screen Printers Only TECH TIPS HANDS ON >> batch of formula to make two- and threecolor treatments. Although it would certainly be time consuming, you could do one color, let it dry and add additional colors. For a different effect, you also could add colors while the first one is still wet. Be creative. We almost always screen print a design — generally one that matches the dip or spray — on the shirt after it has been treated. You also could add rhinestones, sequins, embroidery and other effects or decorating techniques for some killer-looking multimedia garments. Watch the washability. It’s not a bad idea to separate the treated shirts from other garments when they’re washed for the first few times, just in case there’s any dye leaking. Watch your costs. Because of the labor involved, we usually charge an additional $3 for our custom-dyed shirts — that’s $3 beyond what an untreated shirt would cost the customer. Be practical. Our average order for shirts treated with dipping or spraying is anywhere from 50 to 300 pieces. Anything over 1,000 pieces probably wouldn’t be practical to do, given the amount of manual labor involved in these treatment techniques. While these two shirt treatments are pretty simple to do, they create some unique, eye-catching effects that will grab your customers’ attention. As many as 25% of our customers go with treated shirts instead of plain ones, and we only started using the technique a couple of years ago. Now that you know how these shirt treatment techniques work, try them out, have fun and enjoy the profits you’ll earn. Greg Gaardbo is the president of Shockwaves Apparel (, Arlington Heights, Ill. He conducts decorating seminars at the Imprinted Sportswear Shows and at his shop. For more information or to comment on this article, e-mail Greg at Use Info•Action #31 at See us at ISS Atlanta and Ft. Worth Online Directory >> Industry News >> Decorated Apparel Business >> Screen Printing >> Embroidery >> Digital Decorating >> Events >> The Impressions Newsletter >> ecoimpressions >> The Impressions Product Guide >> Catalog Central >> Buyer’s Guide >> Info Action >> Forum >> Publications >> Impressions University >> Imprinted Sportswear Shows Hear Greg speak on special-effects decorating and attend a hands-on seminar at the Fort Worth Imprinted Sportswear Show later this month. Individual sessions are just $25 each if you preregister: 60 Impressions >> September/October 2010

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Impressions - September/October 2010
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Impressions - September/October 2010