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EMBROIDERY >> HANDS ON DIGITAL DECORATING >> HANDS ON EMBROIDERY HANDS ON By Dane Clement, DIGITAL DECORATING Contributing Writer HANDS ON >> Using Layer Styles for >> Digital Printing SCREEN PRINTING HANDS ON TECH TIPS HANDS ON Enhance DTG printing text or type by adding simple effects using Photoshop’s Layer Styles tool. When it comes to digital direct-to-garment (DTG) printing, one of the best assets is the ability to easily print images with a multitude of colors. You’re not limited to the number of colors your press can print or how many colors your customer is willing to pay for. You can take any image, add text to it and change it any way you see fi t without having to separate it and then prepare screens to produce the final prints. One of the best ways to enhance an image, especially typeface, is through the use of Layer Styles. Layer Styles is a tool in Adobe Photoshop that gives you the ability to add effects quickly and easily with the click of a few buttons. You can create an array of effects, such as shadows, bevels and gradients, with just a few simple steps. STE P SCREEN PRINTING HANDS ON TECH TIPS HANDS ON 1 To add some basic Layer Styles, create your shape or type the text that you would like to effect. Then, with that layer selected, click on the FX button at the bottom of the Layers palette and choose Drop Shadow. This will open up the Layer Styles dialogue box, which you will use to apply the various effects. STE P 2 To add a drop shadow, simply click on the Drop Shadow effect and then adjust the various fields. Select how dark you want the shadow to be by adjusting the Opacity. Select the angle that you would like the shadow to fall. Then, enter the distance, spread and size that you want the shadow to be. 62 Impressions >> September/October 2010

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Impressions - September/October 2010
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Impressions - September/October 2010