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From left to right, Matt MOST POPULAR IMPRESSIONS WEB ARTICLES MOST SAVED 1. How to Ensure a Print is Correctly Cured (With Video!) 2. Why a Sustainability Program Makes Economic Sense for Your Shop 3. How to Build an Accurate Production Schedule 4. Meet Michelle: Chronicling a Start-Up Decorator: Part 2 5. How to Handle CustomerSupplied Goods Waterman,director of marketing for HanesBrands Imagewear, world record holder Andy Coyne and David Carter, both of The Graphic Cow. Coyne reclaimed the world record for “Most T-shirts Worn by an Individual” at the 2012 PPAI Expo, which was held this past January in Las Vegas. Hanes Shares in New T-Shirt-Wearing Record Screen printing firm The Graphic Cow, Greenville, S.C., partnered with HanesBrands Imagewear, Winston-Salem, N.C., to reclaim the Guinness World Record for number of T-shirts worn by an individual at the 2012 Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) Expo, held this past January in Las Vegas. Andy Coyne of The Graphic Cow set the original record in June 2009 and established the new record by wearing 249 Hanes T-shirts. “When we lost the record we set two years ago to [a] gentleman in Croatia, we knew we wanted to fight hard to get it back,” says David Carter, CEO of The Graphic Cow. “That’s why we decided to partner with Hanes. We knew they had the product selection, technology and sizes to get our title back.” Coyne wore a range of Hanes T-shirts, including Cool-Dri, nano-T, ComfortBlend EcoSmart, Beefy-T and Tagless styles. Hanes is donating 25,000 Box Tops through its Hanes4Education program to the school of The Graphic Cow’s choice. The school can then redeem the Box Tops for cash that can be used to purchase much-needed items. For more information about the record, visit — S.G. MOST PRINTED 1. Why a Sustainability Program Makes Economic Sense for Your Shop 2. How to Build an Accurate Production Schedule 3. How to Ensure a Print is Correctly Cured (With Video!) 4. Use LinkedIn to Build a Better Business Community 5. Meet Michelle: Chronicling a Start-Up Decorator MOST E-MAILED 1. How to Ensure a Print is Correctly Cured (With Video!) 2. How To Perform Allover Screen Printing (With Video!) 3. Stahls’ ID Direct Unveils Distressed Appliqué 4. Why a Sustainability Program Makes Economic Sense for Your Shop 5. Why Your Shop Needs to Make a Buck a Minute Correction: In an FYI article entitled “Brother to Debut New Direct-to-Garment Printer” (January 2012), Impressions incorrectly identified Brother Intl. Corp.’s product as the GrafiTee. The product actually is called the GraffiTeeTM Series of digital garment printers. Impressions regrets the error and any confusion it may have caused. Ghana’s Agent for Change Robert Mensah has a vision. You can see it in his designs and feel it when he outlines the future he envisions for Ghana’s screen printing industry. Mensah’s mission is simple. He wants screen printing to help bring a change to his native land. That means giving up-and-coming artists the keys to success. It also means bringing in some of the most renowned educators from around the world to teach the fine art of screen printing. To know Mensah’s story is to understand his need to share. Growing up with very little, he paid his own way through college in order to pursue his love of painting. When supplies became too expensive, he put his screen printing skills to use to make ends meet. Mensah’s Robby Kloding line continues to take off beyond Ghana. His continued success is rooted in an ambitious and creative Facebook strategy, which not only helps him share his de- Robert Mensah’s Robby Kloding line features designs that depict scenes of children at play, everyday life, inscriptions and writings, and more. signs with people from around the world, but also provides him with invaluable input on designs and techniques, as well as other resources. Creating a screen printing school in Ghana would make ensure others have the opportunities he did not. Says Mensah, “I want to not only help educate the up-and-coming young screen printers, but also help foster creativity among them and their works.” For more information, visit Robby Kloding’s Facebook page. — Michael J. Pallerino 10 Impressions | February 2012

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Impressions - February 2012