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what sets a boutique apart from the rest? by: Emery Molnar Taisei Construction Company What sets boutique hotels apart from the rest of the lodging industry? All hotels have developed a guest experience that is a result of the application of a brand. Exactly how this guest experience is created is the prime differentiator between corporate, chain establishments and boutique accommodations. As a general contractor that specializes in building new commercial, hospitality, and adaptive re-use and tenant improvement projects, Taisei Construction Corporation is an authority in the field of establishing both the national brand and boutique hotel experience. Based in Cypress, California, Taisei Construction Corporation has offered a diverse range of services within the design and construction industries since 1982. In addition to resort projects for Hilton, Marriott, Sheraton and Westin, Taisei recently completed two renowned boutique hotels in California, The Standard in downtown Los Angeles, and The Viceroy on the shores of Santa Monica. tives while staying within the established budget,” explains Emery Molnar, Senior Vice President of Taisei Construction Corporation. Although government processing delayed construction commencement, Taisei utilized value engineering and efficient scheduling of labor and materials to ensure timely project completion without compromising quality. “We consistently maximized all available and appropriate resources in providing The KOR Group with reliable building and planning solutions,” says Molnar. “We were able to renovate the hotel with minimal disruption to their day-to-day operations.” Based on these recent accomplishments, Taisei has identified five key factors that describe the unique challenges accompanying the development of a boutique property and how they differ from those of other lodging developments. Program v. Theme The Standard is a 202,800 square foot downtown Los Angeles office building that Taisei converted into a sophisticated, hip hotel catering to a young, corporate crowd. Fashioned by Andre Balazs, the New York-based hotelier best known for Chateau Marmont in Hollywood and the luxurious Mercer Hotel in NY, this former headquarters for the Superior Oil Co. contains 207 guest rooms and a chic roof top pool and bar. Geometric patterns and colors combine to deliver an unpretentious, fun yet functional atmosphere. The unusual application of unconventional materials to existing 1950’s architectural elements provides for an innovative and dynamic business and leisure venue. “The City of Los Angeles is relatively young, and adaptive re-use developments are new here,” Molnar says. “Recent efforts to revive downtown and the increasing need for new housing have stimulated this segment of commercial real estate development.” A typical national brand room program defines and arranges the product in terms of unit type, (i.e. Taisei also renovated the Pacific Shore Hotel in Santa Monica, renamed The Viceroy, for The KOR Group, a privately held real estate investment and management firm. The 166 room facility required three new elevators, a swimming pool, new air conditioning, plumbing and electrical systems, and fire sprinklers. Dramatic architectural elements such as cathode lighting, opaque exterior glass and an elegant ground floor glass wall were also added. “The KOR Group appreciates our “owner-centric” approach and ability to accomplish specific project objec45

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NEWH - November 2003
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Tips on Specs... Guestroom Lighting
Spotlight on the UK
Spotlight on Greater New York
Random Thoughts... Designing Today’s Boutique
Boutique Chain – Is It an Oxymoron?
Developing Boutique Hotels in Historic Structures
Unique Boutiques... The Story of Watertown
Approaching the Design of a Boutique Hotel
What Sets a Boutique Apart from the Rest?
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NEWH - November 2003