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simplifying ceu’s Welcome to the world of acronyms. CEU, LU, CES, NCIDQ, IDCEC, and that’s only the beginning! Here is a short primer on what it all means to you. CEU stands for Continuing Education Unit. It is a measure of credit. Professional organizations for interior design and most state regulatory boards (including Canada) that oversee licensing require a certain number of CEU credits over a specific time period. These organizations and state boards may use NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualification) as verification of course completion. NCIDQ tracks the courses and records the attendee’s participation. AIA (The American Institute of Architects) uses LU’s or Learning Units in the same way for architects maintaining their licensing requirements. AIA’s program for continuing education or professional development is called CES (Continuing Education Systems). Programs approved through the AIA are registered CES Providers. CEU programs are overseen and approved by IDCEC for all of it’s sponsoring organizations; ASID, IIDA, NKBA, IDC, and IDEC. NEWH is an associate member of IDCEC and we attend their biannual meetings and participate in policy discussions. IDCEC does not have reciprocity with AIA. Therefore CES programs only count for CEU credit if they have been reviewed and approved by IDCEC. Check this out before you advertise. Another item to check out before you advertise is any state requirements for credit. Some states and AIA have stringent requirements as to the subject matter of the course. For example AIA requires a certain number and some states require all credits be in the category of Health Safety and Welfare. Individual designers and architects are responsible for ensuring their own compliance for licensure but each NEWH chapter offering to host a CEU can help by complying and advertising their course correctly. Currently IDCEC is reviewing standard designations that will help to easily identify courses that comply. Options for CEU’s abound. Nearly every manufacturer has a program already in place to offer a continuing education course relative to their product or service. NEWH challenges each chapter to go beyond what the manufacturers have to offer. We encourage every chapter preparing to offer a CEU to make their program hospitality specific and relevant to our industry. The interest in the design community for topics such as lighting by: Anita Degen, IIDA NEWH CEU, Director for hotels and resorts, specifying for senior living facilities, or developing restaurant concepts is enormous. We have the access to the top manufacturers of hospitality products, the brightest designers in our business and the sharpest hospitality executives. Capitalize on our network and use your resources to offer something unique that will set us apart from the many other venues for continuing education. Although a CEU must be directed to the practice of interior design it’s relevance to hospitality will expand the appeal of the program beyond the design community and draw in a broader hospitality network. Believe it or not offering a CEU through your chapter can be easy and rewarding. Understanding the process and the parameters is the key. Every NEWH Chapter must meet a consistent level of quality, uphold our commitment to education and our commitment to the hospitality industry in all of their programming. We have guidelines in place through the IDCEC (Interior Design Continuing Education Council) which outline the standards for all continuing education programs. If your chapter is interested in offering a CEU contact me via email for a submission form. It will outline all of the necessary information needed for approval of your program. If your program is being submitted for the first time it should be submitted as a one-time use CEU. Please allow three weeks for approval of your CEU program and remember, if your submission is incomplete it may take longer. Your program must be approved before you can advertise it. If you would like your program approved for multi-use and it has been successfully given as a one-time CEU, again contact me via email and you will receive the full submission packet. We hope this primer and the following FAQ’s are helpful in simplifying CEU’s for you. We welcome all feedback and ideas. Let us know about your experiences with continuing education and help us build a strong program that will benefit both the design and hospitality community. “CEU stands for Continuing Education Unit. ...Professional organizations for interior design and most state regulatory boards (including Canada) that oversee licensing require a certain number of CEU credits over a specific time period.” 49

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NEWH - November 2003
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Tips on Specs... Guestroom Lighting
Spotlight on the UK
Spotlight on Greater New York
Random Thoughts... Designing Today’s Boutique
Boutique Chain – Is It an Oxymoron?
Developing Boutique Hotels in Historic Structures
Unique Boutiques... The Story of Watertown
Approaching the Design of a Boutique Hotel
What Sets a Boutique Apart from the Rest?
Simplifying CEU’s
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NEWH - November 2003