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product know how lighting Look on the Bright Side Shining the spotlight on the industry that continues to illuminate By Jana Schiowitz IT DOES SEEM THAT THERE IS a light at the end of the tunnel, or at least in the guestroom, and around public spaces after all. We are seeing more completed projects, more jobs, and, great product design. Take lighting for instance. In an industry where aesthetics, low costs, and time mean everything, today’s lighting manufacturers are filling the demand to create and supply products faster than before, ones with higher quality and efficiency, top design, and a number of options for customization. Here, lighting industry experts weigh in on current trends, what’s being specified and why, and technology as the game-changer. Give Me That The designers have spoken and manufacturers are listening. They want lighting that speaks to the overall beauty of the room. “Function yes, but a great way to raise the bar with style,” says Tom Ruskin, president of Chapman Co. And Jeff Luchonok president of Hallmark Collective agrees: “What’s hot and new aestheticwise and which company is going to make me look good. Due to the economy, designers are having to wear more and more hats and have fewer and fewer hours in the day to perform the requirements of their job. The job of a designer is to design a beautiful fixture. It is the lighting company’s job to execute the design so it functions.” Other important elements to point out: strong product warranties, lighting that includes the integration of energy efficient technologies, unique materials, affordable products, and fun, textured components. “There is a growing trend of museum-type lighting in hospitality applications; control, quality of light, and system efficiency,” says Jan Vingerhoets, CEO, U.S. of FLOS. Eric Dortch, owner of iWORKS, feels strongly that the need for energy efficiency is at the top of the list. “Many jurisdictions are mandating energy efficient lamping and in some cases, it’s more economically feasible to lamp with a 40,000 hour life LED so housekeeping/engineering don’t have to access the fixtures on a regular basis to relamp.” Under the Influence LEDs, decorative, track, recessed—there are so many lighting options out there. What is influencing this influx of possibilities? Affordable design, new technology, and the green movement seem to all be the driving forces. Not to mention the demand for high performance lighting by designers. Today, not only do lighting products have to be beautiful, but as affordable as ever and readily available at designers’ fingertips. “Rising energy costs and local lighting power density requirements are encouraging suppliers to offer more > 30 spring 2011 tel 800.593.NEWH Clockwise from top left: Hallmark Collective’s Viva Pendant; the Smithfield S Pendant from FLOS; a custom chandelier from iWORKS in the W Hollywood; and Hera’s SlimLite XL four-inch fluorescent light fixture.

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NEWH - Spring 2011