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Partner Pro les Shelby Williams Over the last 12 months, Shelby Williams has had a very active product rollout. The company has expanded its wood seating offerings with four new contemporary collections; introduced nine new banquet chair designs; as well as launched a catalog showcasing the entire banquet offering. And the banquet chair warranty has been improved to a Lifetime Warranty, what Jordan McInturf, Shelby Williams’ vice president of sales, calls a “ rst in the industry.” Additionally, he says, “Over the past 18 months, we have adapted our production model for wood seating. Today, over 90 percent of our wood chairs are made in America and available in any nish or fabric. Having the ability to build custom or standard products in America and offshore provides us with the advantage of exibility, compared to the competition. We make the most environmentally responsible table bases in the industry. Our bases are manufactured with 99 percent post consumer waste from cast iron engine parts and are 100 percent recyclable.” For McInturf, it is the constant evolution of the industry that keeps the company going. “Hospitality has always been a volatile market—not just from an economic standpoint but also style. It is amazing that the production on our factory oor never looks the same from week to week. Each project is unique, requiring us to quickly shift gears to meet a speci c design requirement. As a manufacturer it has been important to have the ability to build product on a just-in-time basis. This way money can be invested developing new products and not simply holding inventory on what might be an outdated style.” To make this happen, he adds that two of the most important assets to the company are the employees and the 500,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Tennessee. As for NEWH: “Shelby Williams was the rst corporate sponsor when NEWH was founded,” he explains. “NEWH allows us to stay connected to the people who specify and use our products every day. Our best ideas come from working with design professionals who challenge us to innovate and develop new products. NEWH also provides a format to garner interest and provide scholarships for the future of our industry.” B Carpet This spring, B Carpet re-launched its Tapistron CYP brand, for which it owns the patents to the technology and original Tapistron trademark. Says CEO Elizabeth Moore: “The CYP process allows for the creation of a virtually limitless array of pattern and color options in carpeting, along with unsurpassed quality levels and construction densities. With CYP, ideas can be transformed into beautiful carpet that lends enduring strength and elegance to commercial interiors. Tapistron, as well as other technologies, will be featured by B Carpet at BDNY in November and HD Expo next spring.” And the company is looking to do more than just create quality products: B Carpet recently created the Burtco Research Institute, a non-pro t organization formed to give back to the industry and advance sustainable practices in carpet manufacturing, which is being led by B Carpet’s former president and COO, Robert E. Kokoszka. “Survival is the new success,” says Moore. “This volatile economy has given B Carpet the opportunity to tackle some much-needed restructuring. The company has focused on reengineering its internal systems for improved exibility to accommodate the peaks and valleys of the new normal economy, while maintaining its design capability edge. Ultimately, the outlook for the future is a positive one. Especially during this tough economy it’s a great asset to have the support of an organization like NEWH. It shines a positive light on the hospitality industry and all its partner companies do.” Looking ahead, B Carpet is especially excited about receiving its woman-owned business certi cation in 2013. As the CEO, Moore is one of the only females running a carpet company in the U.S. Lily Jack Lily Jack has continued on its path of designing new and innovative furniture. In the past 12 months, Lily Jack has launched both the Hepburn and London collections. The company’s initiative to increase domestic manufacturing has proven successful over the past few years, completing many large guestroom projects with furniture that’s 100 percent manufactured in the U.S., using green standards for materials, as well as sustainable manufacturing processes. “Using a wide variety of materials, Lily Jack has been able to be competitive and nimble in this volatile economy producing beautifully designed products without compromising the quality,” says Lisa Villarreal, president and CEO, Lily Jack. Looking forward to the end of 2012 and into 2013 there are numerous projects in the pipeline, across all of the hotel sectors from luxury to select service. “We very excited to be a part of the numerous renovations that are taking place globally. Our versatile product line is expanding and Lily Jack’s custom capabilities are one of the areas that we are looking forward to growing further in the next year,” says Villarreal. As for NEWH, she says, “NEWH has proved to be an invaluable asset to Lily Jack in various aspects of our company’s networking platform, as well as business opportunities. We will continue to support the growth of the organization as it expands across the U.S. and internationally.” Continued on p. 64 〉〉〉 62

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