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Fresh Foods Move Priced to AWI is encouraging shoppers to stick to their New Year’s resolutions fresh produce department. By Meg Major to eat more nutritiously by making them offers they can’t refuse in the 44 s grocers gear up for an ongoing slugfest rife with lingering deflation, cautious shoppers, precipitous promotional activity and cutthroat competition, several recent culinary trend forecasts offer retail producepushers plenty of prime possibilities to blunt the onslaught by serving as a key resource to help New Year’s resolutionseeking shoppers honor their nutritionally focused goals. portions/smaller portions, farm-branded ingredients, gluten-free/food-allergy-conscious meals, and sustainable seafood rounded out the top 10 favorite trends of the chefs. Fruit-and-veggie-rich menu trends, “superfruits,” organic produce, nutrition, simplicity/backto-basics and regional ethnic cuisine also rated high among the other top 20 culinary trends, while environmentally friendly equipment and restaurants with gardens were also deemed among the hottest concepts top chefs will be seeking out this year. Keeping Consumers ‘on the Wagon’ To encourage greater consumer consumption of fruits and vegetables, Associated Wholesalers, Inc. (AWI) has implemented guaranteed-low everyday produce prices at two of its grocery stores, and hopes to roll out the program to additional retail locations. Among the most inspiring year-end wrapups that bode favorably for fresh produce sales are the results of a 2010 menu survey outlook by the Washington-based National Restaurant Association (NRA), which found sustainability, local sourcing and nutrition factoring heavily in the responses of nearly 2,000 American Culinary Federation (ACF) chef-members, who were asked to rate some 200 foods, beverages, culinary themes and preparation methods on a scale of “hot trend,” “yesterday’s news” or “perennial favorites.” Of the top 150 trends, nearly half of those ranking in the top 20 have direct relevance for food retailers, including locally grown produce, locally sourced meats and seafood, sustainability, mini desserts, and locally produced wine and beer. Nutritious kids’ meals, half• Progressive Grocer • January/February 2010 The overarching penchants for local sourcing, sustainability and nutrition “reflect wider societal trends and consumers’ growing awareness of, and interest in, these issues,” notes A H E A D O F W H AT ’ S N E X T

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Progressive Grocer - January/February 2010
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Progressive Grocer - January/February 2010