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Best Practices Identifying trends to boost productivity A New Approach to Knowledge SUPERVALU University launches a yearlong program of best practices education with PG’s audience. By Michelle Moran and Sally Malchow, M.A. UPERVALU University is a research, consulting, planning, facilitation, training, education and development organization that has been working with retail and supply chain professionals since 1957. This year, SUPERVALU University is working with Progressive Grocer to share insights from an organizational survey database of tested questions created to provide grocers with the information and tools to help identify trends that may be affecting productivity, employee morale and customer service. Since 2003, more than 14,000 employees from 278 individual grocery stores have taken the survey; 50 percent of the data is from 20082009, making it highly relevant in the current recessionary environment. Of course, the greatest value of the survey is the data it provides to individual stores that run customized surveys, but the trends that SUPERVALU University’s research has identified over time also provide valuable insight to the industry at large. By sharing this information, SUPERVALU University and PG hope to provide industry professionals with knowledge they can use to grow and prosper. Although this six-part series won’t cover every facet of the survey, it will delve into the following topics: • Performance Management, Staffing, Morale - April • Customer Relations, Competition - May • Merchandising - June • Operations, Profits - July • Trends - October • Retailer Insights – November/December Empowering Employees S grocer’s most valuable assets: its employees.According to SUPERVALU University research, dissatisfied customers and disgruntled employees can both affect an organization’s bottom line. Employee insights into the workplace can help grocers identify and deal with issues, increasing satisfaction, productivity, and store sales. The Keys to Success SUPERVALU University’s surveys use one of a Sample SUPERVALU University Survey Statements Respondents grade these survey statements on a four-point scale: • Employees understand their role in implementing our competitive strategy. • We consistently have the right product at the right time for our customers. • Managers let employees know how they can improve their performance. • I can identify where losses occur in my store/department. • We hear few complaints from customers about inaccurate pricing. For more information about SUPERVALU University’s organizational survey, contact Mark Wilkerson at 952-294-7875. Business and the economy are rapidly becoming more complex with issues like shifting demographics, new technology, and fuel and food price fluctuations. In addition, consumer responses to financial pressures and multiple store formats have led to shifts in shopping patterns. These changes have resulted in an increased demand for performance and profit, requiring a more strategic approach to the business of grocery retail. The SUPERVALU University survey has been used to assist organizations in better understanding themselves and their associates. For the first time, the trends identified in these reports will be used in a series of articles designed to provide retailers with a best practice model. Tools and strategies outlined in this series will assist PG readers in building on their strengths to differentiate themselves from their competition. The SUPERVALU University research will also aid readers in identifying weaknesses to be a catalyst for positive change. By working with SUPERVALU University to condense and relate the information in the form of best practices they’ve discovered through their research, both SUPERVALU University and PG hope to equip readers to approach 2010 with tools for success. ■ • Progressive Grocer • January/February 2010 A H E A D O F W H AT ’ S N E X T

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Progressive Grocer - January/February 2010
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Progressive Grocer - January/February 2010