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PLANNER’S WORKSHOP education By Mike Mason, senior vice president of sales and marketing, Gaylord Hotels Top Five Reasons to Meet in a Down Economy hose of us in the meetings industry know that the ability to roll with the punches is part of the job. And with the economy the way it’s been, many of us are dancing like Rocky Balboa. A difficult T economy has implications for employees that go far beyond economics. It will most certainly affect morale, which is key to productivity and focus. One of the best ways to boost employee morale and ensure your teams are proper- ly focused is through essential face time with colleagues and leadership. The ability to deliver corporate goals directly from management and the great innovations that can accompany spirited group discussions are key benefits of a group gathering, not to mention the chance to learn from one another and keep everyone on task. The issue isn’t whether a group can afford to host its meeting. It is really whether they can afford not to. So in 24 Spotlight: The town of Obama, Japan, fetes the new prez 26 Is talent necessary for success in work and life? What’s Inside 28 30 Beware of inconsistent damage clauses in contracts A speaker fit for rock-and-roll royalty: Dayna Steele 32 Guru Sally Allen on making the most of entertainment 34 Marilyn Carlson Nelson explains why how we lead matters 20 I SM I January 2009 I

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Successful Meetings - January 2009
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Successful Meetings - January 2009