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News & Analysis > Supplier News StarCite Unveils Booking Tools for Small and Mid-Sized Business StarCite, a Philadelphia-based provider of meetings industry software and solutions, has announced the launch of two Web-based products for small and medium-sized businesses. The products, StarCite Professional and StarCite Express were introduced in July at NBTA’s annual conference in Los Angeles and are designed to help midmarket companies achieve the cost savings and efficiency benefits that their larger competitors have long enjoyed because of their size. Both offerings work by allowing smaller companies—or large companies with low meetings volume—to control, consolidate, and oversee every StarCite CEO Greg Dukat says the new tools will enable smaller companies to better oversee the planning process aspect of the meeting planning process in pursuit of better returns on their meetings investments. “Just like larger companies, mid-market businesses have much room for improved efficiencies and cost savings, and can save hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars by learning what they actually spend on meetings and taking control of that spend,” StarCite CEO Greg Dukat said in a statement. StarCite’s first new offering, StarCite Professional, is a more robust solution that allows companies with moderate meeting and event volume to collect and analyze meetings data. Its second new product, StarCite Express, is a less expensive, entry- 08585-3009 SuccMeet 7 x 4.75_F.indd 2 7/22/08 2:57:32 PM

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Successful Meetings - September 2008
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Successful Meetings - September 2008