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News & Analysis > Corporate Meetings U.S. Medical Meetings See Big Changes More than a quarter of those who attend the 50 leading U.S.-based medical meetings are not from the U.S., according to findings from the Healthcare Convention and Exhibitors Association’s (HCEA) “Special Report on Healthcare Meeting and Exhibit Marketing Globalization.” The executive summary of the report was released during HCEA’s annual meeting, in June. In light of the findings, the event’s 752 participants discussed ways to adjust their exhibit marketing in order to better connect with foreign attendees. What’s more, the soft economy and the weak dollar are only making overseas attendees even more prevalent—and valuable—to health care exhibitors in the foreseeable future. Another critical topic was the regulatory environment. Executives from Wyeth, Eli Lilly and Company, Schering-Plough, and other top firms spoke in detail about their adjustments to the increasing legal and regulatory oversight of health care marketing. Among the 50 workshops were ones devoted to environmentally responsible yet cost-effective exhibits and conferences, medical-event planning essentials, exhibit case studies related to pharmaceuticals, and ROI. And Karen Prieto, director of convention marketing and meeting services for Forest Laboratories, began her tenure as HCEA President. —Robert Carey APEX compliancy, and MINT demographics dashboard. A thorough cleansing of the meetings histories database and enhanced data security and infrastructure are also planned. These improvements will join the more than 2,500 sales professionals within the destination marketing industry network to increase market intelligence. “The empowerMINT expansion and alliance significantly increases the value of subscription to MINT,” says Michael D. Gehrisch, president and CEO of DMAI. “We are pleased Donovan is leading the industry in this important. The empowerMINT initiative receives strategic guidance from DMAI’s MINT Committee and the Sales and Marketing Advisory Council, which are both comprised of DMAI members. —Vincent Alonzo

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Successful Meetings - September 2008
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Successful Meetings - September 2008