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Convention Centers PHOTO: CORBIS STEPPING UP IN CLASS Should your event move from a hotel to a mid-sized convention center? By Corrie Dosh A little more than a decade ago, the American Society of Neuroradiology (ASN) in Oak Brook, IL, found that only a few hotels could accommodate its annual trade show and physician research program. While some first-tier city convention hotels could handle the number of attendees, the society also needed great amounts of breakout and session room space and exhibit space, says Director of Scientific Meetings Lora Di Padova-Tannehill. The time had come, Di Padova-Tannehill says, to move on up to a convention center. It was clearly the right move, even though switching venues brought a host of new challenges. But there were other considerations besides space: convention centers brought greater security, more flexible space, the chance of double booking would be reduced, and details for a large event could be settled 12 months to 18 months ahead of time, versus the average six months at a hotel, she says. “I don’t think I realized how nervous my boss was at the time. That transition year was a tough one,” Di PadovaTannehill says. “You jump from lesser fees to a huge chunk of sometimes $200,000 in license fees and tying your food service to a rental rate, and all of that. There are a lot of different parameters going into it.” Every group that has made the move to a convention center has had its own reasons for moving their event, but the opportunities and challenges the tranSEPTEMBER 2008 SUCCESSFUL MEETINGS 54

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Successful Meetings - September 2008
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Successful Meetings - September 2008