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Convention Centers Beijing’s bubble-clad National Aquatics Center, affectionately known as the “Water Cube” Convention Centers Make Olympian Efforts to Be Eco-Friendly By Andrea Doyle GOING FOR THE GREEN It was all about the gold, silver, and bronze in Beijing last month during the Olympics but there was also an emphasis on the green. Lost among the avalanche of news coverage that focused on the smog surrounding the city was that the Chinese government invested heavily in new facilities for the games, many including eco-friendly elements. The National Aquatics Center, the focal point for the swimming events at the Beijing Games known as the “Water Cube” as the building is inspired by the natural formation of soap bubbles, has a transparent “skin” that acts as a greenhouse, allowing high levels of natural daylight into the building and harnessing energy directly from the sun to heat the pools and the building. It is estimated that this sustainable concept will reduce energy consumption in the building by 30 percent. Then there is the Beijing Olympic Green Convention Center, host to the Olympics’ fencing and pentathlon events, and site of the international broadcasting and main press center. Next year, it will reopen as the National Convention Center of China with the capacity to hold 6,000 people. It was designed with a rainwater collection system on the roof for flushing systems and irrigation of the surrounding landscape, and a “free air cooling” ventilation system in the public foyers of the convention center. These facilities have been the beneficiaries of a building trend underway for the last few years that is turning convention centers into more environmentally friendly facilities. Historically, convention centers have SEPTEMBER 2008 SUCCESSFUL MEETINGS 62

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Successful Meetings - September 2008
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Successful Meetings - September 2008