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Cover Story Striking a All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl. That’s why some organizations are offering planners flex-time work schedules By Robert Carey 24 With the faintest hint of light leaking over the horizon in a Seattle suburb, Molly King’s alarm clock buzzes, announcing that 5:30 A.M. has arrived. King rises quietly, stretches, puts on a robe, and meanders to a room at the other end of the house, where she wakes her computer from its own sleep mode. The vice president of registration services for independent planning firm CRG Events knows she has about 90 minutes to answer attendee e-mails and address other components of her upcoming meeting before her nine-month-old baby, Nathan, begins to stir in his crib. Once the stirring begins, King shifts into being mommy; over the next three hours she’ll feed, change, play with, and eventually coax a nap from her boy. Then it’s back to the computer, or to the phone for a conference call. OCTOBER 2007 SUCCESSFUL MEETINGS PHOTOGRAPHY: KATHRYN BARNARD

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Successful Meetings - October 2007
Editor's Note
On the Record
Technology Talk
Mouth for Sale
On Site
Tools of the Trade
Striking a Balanace
IACC’s New Generation
Suffering from “Green” Fatigue?
There Once Was a Group in Nantucket . . .
A Trick and a Treat
Places & Spaces
Reno / Lake Tahoe
New Orleans
Los Cabos & Baja
Ontario Province

Successful Meetings - October 2007