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A Message From NAMB
Certification Committee Chair
Linda McCoy, CRMS, CVLS, CCS

Linda McCoy, CRMS, CVLS, CCS of Mobile, Ala.-Owner of
Mortgage Team 1 Inc. is 2019-2020 vice president of NAMB,
as well as NAMB Certification Committee chair and secretary
of the NAMB Education Foundation. She received the NAMB
2018-2019 Professional of the Year Award. She may be
reached by e-mail at Linda.McCoy@NAMB.org.

NAMB Presents ...
Certified Veterans Loan
Specialist Class
Monday, December 2

n National Mortgage Professional Magazine n NOVEMBER 2019

Starfire Golf Club * 11500 North Hayden Road * Scottsdale, Ariz.
Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. * Class hours 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Is your focus on VA loans? Would you like to separate yourself from
the competition? Don't miss this opportunity to become approved for
NAMB's newest certification, the Certified Veterans Loan Specialist
(CVLS). Cost is only $169 for NAMB members and $299 for nonmembers, including a continental breakfast and lunch.
VA loans are an amazing benefit that veterans have earned, and it's
our responsibility as loan originators to help them take advantage of it.
But to maximize that benefit, a veteran needs their loan officer to know
all the nuances.
Lender guidelines often cover the top level information and you can
do a VA deal from them. However, those guidelines miss the "how" for
many of the subtle details of VA loans, and often include limitations
that can be worked around if you know how. With this extra
information, you'll be able to get deals done that nobody else can, help
more veterans in the process, and stand out to referral partners.
In case you're wondering, it doesn't matter if you're in a military
town, in a non-military town, it's likely you'll be the only VA expert,
which will make you stand out even more.
In addition, we'll emphasize the detailed knowledge and stories that
you can use to show your value to real estate agents and help grow
your business with VA as your niche.
Immediately following the class, a test will be given and, upon
passing, you will be presented with your certification and all the
marketing materials that you need to promote yourself!
For more information, visit NAMB.org or contact Valerie Saunders by
phone at (202) 434-8250 or e-mail ValSaun@NAMB.org.



Would you like to get involved with the military and help them find the best
lending options for their new home?
When leaving the service, there is an exit interview that most veterans
go through. There is the excitement of getting out of the service and most
are not paying full attention to the wonderful benefits waiting them when
they enter civilian life again. My husband said that when he got out of the
Navy in 1971, most of the men and women who were exiting the military
were asked what destination they wanted on their plane ticket. He stated
that most of the veteran benefit information given to them by their
recruiting officer when they enlisted was often not completely accurate.
In 1991, Congress created the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) in
the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This is where veterans
received information to bolster opportunities, services and training to
assist in transitioning servicemembers as they prepared for their postmilitary goals. This was individualized counseling. It covered benefits,
entitlement, resources, education and employment options for veterans as
they entered their civilian life. This is where homeownership benefits were
discussed, and it applied to any veteran with greater than 180 days of
active duty, as well as qualified National Guard and Reservists.
There are other ways that veterans can qualify, such as being called up
for wartime active duty. When my son-in-law got out of the military in
2002, he said he had this class, but there was so much information that he
only remembered he had GI Benefits. Some may have absorbed more
information than others, but we as mortgage loan officers should be the
experts that guide them smoothly and accurately into homeownership. If
you want to know how to get involved with the military lending community,
you need to first learn the VA guidelines, rules and regulations, along with
the military lingo used for the VA Home Loan Approval. It will benefit the
loan originator to know acronyms such as "BAH," the Basic Allowance for
Housing; "BAS," the Basic Allowance for Subsistence; "MPR," the Military
Personnel Record; "COE," the Certificate of Eligibility, "PCS," the
Permanent Change of Station, "TDA," the Temporary Duty Assignment;
"LES," the Leave and Earning Statement; and many others. You will need
to familiarize yourself with the VA documents required by underwriting for
approval on a VA home loan, such as the DD-214 for discharged veterans;
the In-Service Letter for Active Duty Veterans; and the Statement of Points
for Reservists. One of these would be required to obtain a Certificate of
If you are really wanting to help veteran, you need to first educate
yourself. NAMB offers a Certified Veterans Loan Specialist Course (CVLS)
for loan officers that will give them the education to best help any veteran.
It goes into detail and gives you examples that can really help you become
an expert in your field. This is an eight-hour course designed to go from
beginning to end on the ins and outs of VA lending. It is not just a
participation class, as you must pass a very in-depth test at the
conclusion of the course. The VA home loan guarantee is presented as
one of the top military benefits to military personnel when they first enroll
in the service. It is a benefit that our military has earned, and they deserve
to have an expert help them get the best loan for their families.
There are about 10 percent of U.S. veterans currently using their VA
eligibility because of lack of knowledge, or because there was a lot of
negative perception in the real estate industry regarding VA loans in the
past. Some of those stories are still floating around. The VA loan is almost
always a better option for the veteran unless they are putting down a large
downpayment. Some sellers were made to believe it was going to cost
them a lot more money to sell their home to a veteran. There are

misconceptions, in general, from buyers and sellers that made them
skeptical about VA loans. The top misconceptions we hear is that, "I was
never told about my homeownership benefits," or "I have already had one
VA loan ... I did not know I could get another one."
The NAMB CVLS Certification Class covers so much material that you
will know why it is the most sought-after VA class presented for loan
officers at this time. We have presented this class in six locations across
the country since we first presented it at NAMB National in December
2018. We have five more locations planned for the near future, including:
Monday, Dec. 2, 2019 in Phoenix; a date in San Diego to be announced
shortly; and in early 2020, in New Orleans at NAMB Focus, and our NAMB
Legislative Conference in D.C.
TAP was updated on Oct. 1, 2019 to a better process, the first change
since 2011. We feel like Veterans getting out of the military are more
informed now than ever before, but some start listening only when it is
time for them to purchase the home of their dreams. We need to make a
positive change in the mindset of the general public for our veterans
whether it is our mortgage Industry or just one Loan Officer at a time
posting something positive about
or our heroes' home loan options. After you have spent the time
obtaining your education and you are fully qualified to help veteran attain
their goals of homeownership, then you should reach out to the military
community through military groups across this nation. Go visit as many
different groups as you can, and get on social media as much as possible.
Help as many veterans as you can and never forget to thank them for their
service. We owe our freedom to our veterans.

http://www.NationalMortgageProfessional.com http://www.NAMB.org

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