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AK TABUK 7.62X39 MM SNIPER RIFLE TABUK 7.63X39 MM STANDARD RIFLE Iraq originally purchased a number of AK ri es from East Germany and Romania before starting manufacture of its own stamped-steel receiver 7.62x39 mm variant called the Tabuk; Iraq never produced a milled receiver AK ri e. The Tabuk bears a strong resemblance to the Yugoslavian M70B1 series with the heavy-duty RPK-type receiver and trunnion. Some Tabuks were tted with integral ip-up sights on their gas blocks for launching ri e grenades. When the sight is raised, it automatically cuts off the barrel’s gas port, stopping the ow of gas to the piston. Tabuks with this feature were assembled with parts supplied by Yugoslavia. Like their Yugoslavian counterparts, the rear pistol grip is made of black plastic. The handguards are also constructed on the Yugoslavian pattern, having three cooling vents on each side instead of the normal two found on other AKs. The Assault Rifles buttstock is attached by a single screw that extends through the center of the stock into the back of the receiver. Reportedly, East Germany also had a hand in assisting Iraq with establishing its AK ri e production. In keeping with the Yugoslavian manufacturing methods, the 16.3"-long Tabuk barrels are not chromelined. Selector settings are marked in Arabic: The top reads aman for “safe; the center position sali means “continuous” (full-automatic); and the lower position reads mufrad, meaning “single” (semi-automatic). The overall length of the ri e is 35.43", and the loaded weight is 10 lbs., 2 ozs. There is an under-folding stock Tabuk variant in 7.62x39 mm that is the same as the full-stock arm except for its overall length of 35.03" with the stock extended continued on p. 60 AL KADESIAH 7.62X54 MM R SNIPER RIFLE TABUK 7.62X39 MM SHORT UNDERFOLDER RIFLE Photos courtesy of the Royal Armories Leeds, West Yorkshire, England FEBRUARY 2010 AMERICAN RIFLEMAN 59

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American Rifleman - February 2010