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LOOK FOR IT IN THE MAIL AND ACT NOW! WAYNE LAPIERRE: "W E ' R E G O I N G T O STAND AND FIGHT!" The World's Oldest And Largest Firearm Authority Ammunition bans & Taxes Gun Control EPA Lead Ammo Ban Michael Bloomberg Border State Violence Terrorism Hostile Justice Department Magazine Capacity Limit Semi-Auto Bans Campus Carry Prohibition Firearm Taxes Federal Gun Owner registry Anti-Gun US Supreme Court nomin Firearm Import Bans Executive Orders Gun Show Bans National RTC Reciprocity Opposition "Fast & Furious" Anti-Gun Indoctrination in Schools Parking Lot Prohibition Anti-Gun Federal Judges Internet Ammo Purchase Ban Nuisance Noise Complaints Against Ranges National RTC Reciprocity Opposition BATFE Anti-Gun Media Reporting Requirements UN Gun Ban Treaty Disclose Act Constitutional Revisionists McDonald Reversed Debt Riots Fiscal Collapse BATFE Reporting Requirements Heller Overturned Employee Gun Bans Military Gun Ownership Restrictions Gun Tragedy Opportunism George Soros Campaign Finance Reform "Emergency Powers" "One Gun A Month" ayors Against Illegal Guns Concealed Carry Bans Sporting Purpose "Saturday Night Special" Ban AntiTiahrt Amendment Lifetime Ownership Bans

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American Rifleman - February 2013