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FEATURE // ATLANTA ARMS For twenty-five years, Danny Wisner has been at the helm of Atlanta Arms & Ammo, helping to turn it into one of the most respected names in shooting sports, one customer at a time. Atlanta Arms & Am By Chip Lohman, Managing Editor Insights about their success and what to look for when handloading your own m I n industry, the term “Black Box” typically means part of a system that is undocumented or intentionally kept secret. In shooting sports, it’s the ammunition most people are using—and it’s no secret. One of my first writing assignments for SSUSA was the 2009 National Matches at Camp Perry. I had been away from shooting for a while and was trying to absorb everything happening on the line, including equipment preferences. With one pass down the “long line” during the bullseye pistol matches, I learned that every third or fourth shooter was using 14 SSUSA SEPTEMBER 2012 Danny Wisner’s Atlanta Arms & Ammo (AA&A) brand—the “black box.” In the spring of 2010, I covered the Bianchi Cup and found the same thing—more black boxes. For the next few years, I came to know AA&A as a customer on those occasions when my own handloading recipes didn’t measure up or I’d run out of time (mostly the latter). I knew when I placed an order with AA&A that I was “low on the totem pole,” considering the many professional shooters and teams they support, but I was never treated that way. You get the impression someone in the company genuinely cares about you when the Contact Us e-mail address for AA&A is the owner—Danny Wisner, himself. Just prior to this year’s pistol matches at Camp Perry, I was able to catch-up with Wisner for a telephone interview. But, typical for Danny, his return call was actually in response to my customer support question about lot-to-lot ammunition consistency. How many businesses do that, where the boss picks up the telephone and calls their customer to answer a question? So, after answering my questions, he agreed to an interview, just as if we were talking at the range.

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Shooting Sports USA - September 2012
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Shooting Sports USA - September 2012