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FEATURE // FIELD TARGET Shooting in the Northeastern Regional Field Target Championships, Jerry LaRocca shot pistol in the Open class from the Creedmoor position. PISTOL FIELD TARGET AT THE STORY AND PHOTOS BY JOCK ELLIOTT NORTHEAST REGIONAL FIELD TARGET CHAMPIONSHIPS AS A FOLLOW-ON TO THE OCTOBER STORY ABOUT FIELD TARGET RIFLE, HERE’S OUR COVERAGE OF THE PISTOL EVENTS. paddle, the target falls down, and you get a point. If the target doesn’t fall, no point is awarded. Under American Airgun Field Target Association ( rules, pistol field target is limited to air pistols of 12 foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle or less, scopes of 12 power or less and a barrel length maximum of 15 inches. Other rules apply, depending upon what class the shooter has entered. D uring the Northeastern Regional Field Target Championship (NERFTC), pistol shooters got their turn on the line on Saturday afternoon, July 7, 2012, after round one of the air rifle match. Like air rifle field target, pistol field target involves shooting at metallic silhouettes of birds and animals. Each silhouette has a hole in it. Put a pellet cleanly through the hole, it hits a 16 SSUSA NOVEMBER 2012 Illustrating three different classes of competition: Art Deuel (foreground) shot in the Open class; Crosman’s Ed Schultz (middle, seated) competed in the Hunter class using support sticks; Joe McDaniel, a Hands class shooter (shooting Bullseye style, standing) is in the background.

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Shooting Sports USA - November 2012