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IN THIS ISSUE | FEATURES 20 GOT A GARAND? Your M1 Garand used to throw empties forward and to the right as it should, but today it's been ejecting to the right rear. Or you've reassembled your Garand and now the action is locked up-what happened? Read this treasure trove of M1 Garand resources for guidance. ▼ Competitors were in for a soggy mess after firing commenced at this year's Crawfish Cup Action Pistol Regional. Read on page 30 to see the outcome. By Art Merrill 26 FIVE TIPS FOR 3-GUN AND ACTION PISTOL COMPETITION These tips for 3-gun and action pistol will help you save minutes, as well as add precious points to keep you moving up the competition leaderboard. By Michelle L. Cerino 30 2015 CRAWFISH CUP Seventy-five competitors from 16 states made their way to Southwest Louisiana for this year's Crawfish Cup NRA Action Pistol Regional, much higher than the 51 competitors in 2014. Something must be in the water in Cajun country. By George Mowbray 32 THE HISTORY OF WOMEN'S INTERNATIONAL SHOTGUN Women shotgun athletes have overcome significant challenges to compete at the Olympic level. Women in coaching face similar challenges, aspiring to help our young women athletes achieve their Olympic dream. By Frances Strodtman-Royer ON THE COVER Justin Petrick of Springfield Armory fires an M1 Garand at the CMP's new marksmanship park in Talladega, Alabama. Photo by John Parker 6 AUGUST 2015 | SHOOTINGSPORTSUSA.COM A Publication of the National Rifle Association of America Wayne R. LaPierre Executive Vice President The NRA, the foremost guardian of the traditional American right to "keep and bear arms," believes every law-abiding citizen is entitled to the ownership and legal use of firearms, and that every reputable gun owner should be an NRA member. http://www.SHOOTINGSPORTSUSA.COM

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Shooting Sports USA - August 2015